Raising Resilient Kids, One Bite At A Time. With Jess Sherman, MEd, RHN 

How To Identify A SuperFood For Kids

How To Identify A SuperFood For Kids

Here’s some Truth….

A Superfood need not be obscure or hard to pronounce, it need not come from the Amazon jungle or the highest mountain top.

And it need not cost an arm and a leg.

In fact, Superfoods are often right in front of your nose. They can be local to your area. They can be humble foods like The Apple.

Here’s my...

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6 Ways To Improve Your Child's Digestion

In my book, Raising Resilience, I discuss the Core Dietary Strategies to focus on if you want to improve the health of your kids. Taking steps to improve digestion is one of them.

I picked “eat to improve digestion” as a core strategy because what goes on in the digestive system influences the entire body.  Yes, the entire body. It’s no surprise...

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How To Make Fermented Ketchup

Ketchup is just one of those things…. kids just love it. For years I avoided ketchup, considering it just a dousing of salt and sugar. But then I discovered how to ferment food. Homemade fermented ketchup is now a staple in my kitchen.

The process of fermentation transforms a “junk” food into a delicious and healthy condiment you can feel good about offering to your...

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The Microbiome (video)

If you’ve ever met me, taken one of my workshops, heard me speak, or read any of my writing, you’ll know that I’m gut obsessed.

Supporting a child's digestion is the pillar #4 of The Four Pillars Of Resilient Health™ that I teach.

The microbiome of the body – that is, the collection of microbes that exist in and around our bodies – is key to...

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