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What To Look For In Your Nutritional Supplements...

(read this so you don't waste your money!)

1. Nutrient Form

Most nutrients come in different forms that metabolize slightly differently in the body. Different bodies do better with different forms.

B12 is a good example of this. Some forms of B12 are cyanocobalamine, Methylcobalamine, Adenosylcobalamine and Hydroxycobalamin. Different bodies do better with different forms. 

A practitioner can help you find a supplement that contains the right form for you. But if you don’t have access to one, choosing a practitioner-grade supplement will generally offer you a supplement with higher quality, more absorbable, raw material.

2. Purity

PCBs, dioxins, pesticides, metals, and other environmental contaminants can accumulate in some supplements. 

One example of this is calcium. There have been several reports of lead-contaminated calcium supplements derived from bone and shells.

Look for purity statements on your supplements and third-party analysis groups like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), USP (United States Pharmacopea), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). 

3. Potency

Many supplements, particularly those for children, contain very low ( sometimes insignificant) doses of some nutrients. Cheaper brands are more likely to contain lower doses than practitioner brands.

4. “Non-medical” ingredients

Below the active ingredients on most supplement labels there is a list of “non medical ingredients”. These include fillers, binders, colors, flavors & sweeteners. Be sure to check for these as many of these ingredients can be irritating to your child.

Why Buy From My Stores?

There is a lot of junk on the market. I have spent significant time sorting through options and what you'll find in my stores are the products I have confidence in. They are top quality, from reliable sources, and will be shipped right to your door. 

I get a small commission when you purchase from my stores, and I thank you for your support - it helps me help more families. 

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