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 It can feel soul-crushing when your child experiences BIG feelings
you're not sure how to help them manage.


  • You've tried parenting strategies or invested in therapies that¬†help a little but leave you feeling exhausted¬†and you don't know what else to try?
  • Teachers have¬†stretched their resources and¬†can't handle your child.
  • You like the idea that things like food changes and supplements could help but¬†you don't think they really did...¬†
  • You want to avoid medications but haven‚Äôt been able to¬†find something that works.
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At the end of the day you need a plan to help your child that is do-able.

If you’re tired, discouraged, and overwhelmed keep reading...

I promise we’ll get to the details, but first let’s be clear
about who our courses are for. 

If your child experiences…

Racing brain
Low Energy

Diagnosis or no diagnosis...

Our Online Courses Will Help



I have a secret to let you in on...

It’s something your average doctor, teacher, or therapist doesn’t even know. 

You'll have better success with your kids
if you help them from the Inside Out.

Helping them From The Inside Out Means...

You help your child feel better in their body so they feel better in their mind. 

When we work from the inside-out we help your child experience life in a whole new way. 

I’m Jess Sherman. I used to be a teacher of high-needs kids. Now I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition.  

As teachers, we brought in all the creative strategies to help struggling kids but all too often hit a ceiling. Now I know it was because we had overlooked the connection between the body and the brain. 

Truth is... along with emotional skills, social support, and educational plans, your child's body needs certain nutrients to help them feel more clear and calm.

Our courses give you the crucial foundation of strategic nutrition and show you how to get started quickly so you stop wasting time on this-and-that. 

Perfect. Show Me.

>> We Have Two Online Courses To Help Your Child Soar <<

Take them separately or bundle them together.

The Calm & Clear Kids
Online Course

One Payment of $197


We focus on food for the brain and nervous system.

You'll learn which practical kid-friendly diet shifts will reduce reliance on medications, support the brain, and ease symptoms of stress.


Four action-focused modules cover:

  • 4 simple hacks that ensure your diet changes will stick and 3 places to focus your energy¬†
  • Essential micronutrients for the brain and how to get them into your kids (plus what to do when things don‚Äôt go exactly as planned)
  • Which foods are most important to remove, how to decide if you should, and how to do it without being the bad guy (including how to handle sugar and what to do about gluten)
  • How to stay strategic and¬†become the confident CEO of your family's health as they grow!¬†


  • Strategy sheets to help you get organized
  • The Calm & Clear Kids Recipe Booklet of simple yet nourishing meal ideas that are great for the brain.
  • An Implementation Workbook to keep you focused and on track
  • Our Smoothie Blueprint e-book
  • Our masterclass on how to get kids on-side
  • An overview of Lab Tests that can accelerate your progress and when's the best time to use them.
(or grab the discount bundle)

 The Amino Acids (with kids!) Quickstart Program

One payment of $97


We focus on nutritional supplements for mood. 

You'll learn about the top supplements that can quickly and safely stabilize mood and behavior, and improve sleep and focus.


Five action-focused modules cover:

  • Key Amino Acids¬†that help kids including how to dose, titrate, contraindications to consider & what to expect
  • Special insights on sleep support
  • Five reasons why some kids¬†need nutritional supplements
  • When to supplement key micronutrients¬†to influence mood, behavior, learning, impulsivity, anxiety, and focus
  • Understanding Pyrrole Disorder and¬†Genetics
  • Safely using¬†supplements alongside medications



  • Symptom checklists to help you choose the right nutrients
  • 5 sources of stress to investigate further
  • Further reading on amino acids and nutrients for the brain
  • My specific product recommendations so you know exactly what to use.


(or grab the discount bundle)

>> Can't decide? Bundle them at checkout and save $50! <<

Imagine having a child
who feels calm & clear!

It’s not just your child who will benefit.
ou'll feel better as a parent and so will your entire family. 

Benefits for Kids

  • More confidence
  • Better friendships
  • Easier time at school
  • Clearer attention and focus
  • More energy
  • Sounder sleep
  • Happier mood

Showing up as the incredible kid they are!

Benefits for Parents

  • Confident Parenting
  • Stronger family connections
  • Easier conversations
  • Better control
  • Calmer home
  • Less worry
  • More enjoyment

Watching your child thrive!


I Want This!

What Families Have Said About Our Online Courses

"CCK really helped me with the framework of how to approach adding more nutrients in without stirring up conflict.
I feel more confident about how to approach changes and have more energy as a mom!"

~ Katie, mom of 2


"Jess has been a god-sent to me and my children. She has given me confidence and I am now able to connect dots, identify triggers and treat the causes of our symptoms rather than mask them. Jess's expertise goes far beyond nutrition."

~ Danielle, mom of 3. 


"I was weak, weary, and exhausted, but now I know what I need to do in the grocery store to meet my goals."

~ Shannon, Mom of 7. 


"Using 5HTP in the afternoon eases the chaos of coming off the Adderall. This makes a big difference in how we connect as a family in the evenings."

~ Meghan, Mom of 1.


"Your insight into nutrition and behavior have been life changing for us and a big part of our increased capacity as parents"
~ Marie, Mom of 3 

"With a bit of GABA the meltdowns have gone from a full scale 5 bell alarm to a one. Major difference." 

~ Sarah, Mom of 1 


"Thank you so much for your guidance and knowledge!!! I We have a path forward toward healing vs chasing symptoms with prescriptions and guessing at what is going on!"
~ Lori, Mom of 2


"They're finally sleeping. We thought we had tried everything!"

~ Martha, mom of 2

"I love your framework concept. I feel like I am finally building my foundation blocks to understanding this new world of nutrition and parenting. It's been so complicated to figure that out all by myself but now listening to CCK I see a light at the end of the tunnel and feel so hopeful!"
~ Tara, mom of 3


You Can Do This... my guarantee

I believe in no-stress strategic solutions that work. 

I may have advanced degrees in functional nutrition, a master's in education, and a handful of other certifications and awards. But I'm also a mom. I know exactly what it’s like to live in the everyday reality of trying to put nutrition ideals into practical action. 

I’ve purposely structured our courses for busy parents who already feel overwhelmed. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you like. You can ask questions in the portal. The end goal is to empower you with a plan to use nutrition to nourish your child’s mind and mood. 

I know you can do this, and I’ll be here cheering you on!


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The smartest parents always have questions…

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