Let's Improve The Lives Of Children

Jess wants more parents to feel confident applying realistic food and lifestyle changes that help their kids feel and function better.
She is an engaging speaker with experience talking to parents, medical professionals, educators, therapists and children about resilience and health.
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Favorite Topics For Podcast Interviews/Stage/Summits

Family Health:

3 things that are keeping kids sick and parents frustrated; Why raising healthy kids feels so hard, and how to find simplicity and ease in your parenting 

How food impacts brain health, cognition, learning and mood in children; Simple nutrition concepts busy families need to know and practical ways to apply them to help kids function their best


Why we fail our kids by continuing to consider the body and brain as separate and how to find true resilience by nourishing both mind and body


Why nutritional changes help kids feel better so they function better and why this is a critical aspect to consider in the effort to ease the stress on medical and education systems


Simple strategies to help parents make confident choices and have productive, stress-free conversations around food, health & parenting with their kids and community

For Professionals:

How food impacts brain health, cognition, learning and mood in children; How to cultivate wellness by creating a culture of health in your organization/school/practice 



Training Sessions Available For Professionals

Nutrition And Caner: Our Role In Prevention.
Presented to Holistic Nutrition Professionals at the Candian Holistic Nutrition Annual Conference 

The Power Of Food: Meeting the Nutritional Needs Of Special Populations While Also Reducing Aggression, Mood Instability, Digestive Discomfort & Improving Sleep, Energy & Overall Health.
Full day Professional Development training workshops for community support workers, ECEs and social workers organized by the Tri-County Staff Training Committee, Windsor Ontario

Dietary Strategies That Influence Symtpoms of Autism, ADHD and Other Neurological Conditions In Children
Delivered to OTs, PTs, Dieticians and SLPs at the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre (Children's Hospital Of Eastern Ontario)

Food, Mood, Behaviour & Learning: Another Way To Support Your Students. 
Professional development training for teachers in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

Biological Stress, Associated Behaviours & Resolution Strategies
Presented to social workers and community support staff in collaboration with The Centre For Conscious Care

3 Myths About Healing Diets for ADHD, Autism & Anxiety and How To Foucs On What Matters. 
Presented online for the parent and professional community of Epidemic Answers. 

Select Past Online Summit Interview Topics

  • The impact of nutrition and how to get started changing your family's diet  on The Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder Summit with Tara Hunkin
  • Simple natural strategies to start reducing anxiety on The Anxiety Summit, season 5 with Trudy Scott
  • The impact of chemicals on children's weight on The Child Obesity Summit
  • The impact of deep nutrition on children's health & resilience on The Child Health Summit with Carla Atherton 
  • The impact of nutrition on brain resilience & practical steps for parents for safe technology use on The Digital Dementia Summit with Krista Burns
  • Your child's diet: dealing with picky eating, pushback and more on The Full Potential Parenting Summit with Alison Morris
  • The impact of nutrition on learning disorders on The Unleash Your Kids Genius Summit with Jean Harville. 
  • Improving Your Child's Grades With Targeted Nutrition on The Mental Wellness Summit. 
  • New Discoveries in Eating Disorder Prevention & Recovery on The Recovery Revealed Summit. 
  • Nourishing Mental Resilience In Kids: Why Food Matters and How To Avoid The Top Mistakes Most Well-Meaning Parents/Practitioners Make on The Family Wellness SuperConference With Dr Marcus Chacos

Media Bio

Jess Sherman is an international speaker and author, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and award winning Registered Holistic Nutritionist™. As a family health educator she has guided parents in at least 44 countries towards safe, natural and effective tools to improve the lives of their children with learning differences, anxiety, ADHD, autism and mood disorders. 

Back when she was teaching high school, Jess became deeply concerned to learn that at least 60% of her students were on medication - either to help them learn, focus or stabilize their mood, or to help them sleep, poop or manage their allergies.  When she discovered the profound impact of nutrition and stress on resilience she set her mind to helping the busy, frustrated, worried parents of these kids find natural, simple ways to help them thrive. 

She now reaches parents around the world through her book, Raising Resilience: Take the stress out of feeding your family and love your life, her virtual community, and her online coaching program. Jess has been featured as a nutrition and family health expert for online and offline audiences where she has spoken about the impact of nutrition and connection for audiences of parents, medical professionals, social workers and teachers. She is a regular contributor to blogs and print magazines, including Ecoparent Magazine, and The Whole Family, where she translates complex research into practical action steps for busy parents.

Jess is board certified in practical holistic nutrition by the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-pro) where she serves on the board of directors. She is also an associate member of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research, a Certified GAPS practitioner, an ambassador for the MINDD Foundation, and she holds a masters degree in Education from The University of Toronto.

In 2019 Jess received the award for Clinical Excellence from The CSNNAA for her work with families and was picked as a featured speaker in The Future Of Health series at the Mindshare Leadership Summit where she spoke about the challenges of raising resilient kids today.

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