Three Things I Think About On A Daily Basis

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I'm grateful every single day for the health my kids enjoy. But I work at it... every day.

I don't mean I shuffle them from appointment to appointment, I mean that every single day I consider carefully what I can do to protect and promote their health and wellness.

It's not that I obsess about it... quite the opposite, in fact. I embrace my role as CEO and master co-ordinator of my family's health, I understand that there's a learning curve to this job, and I actually think about what I have to do quite simply. In this video I share three things I think about on a daily basis. 

As CEO we are certainly going to need allies. We'll need a team. But I feel strongly that parents should be at the centre of that team; well informed, supporting the foundation, and able to co-ordinate. I think that a reversal in the staggering health statistics we're seeing now amongst our kids is not going to come from government, or from doctors, or from science or from any other external force. I think it's going to come from within the family unit; it's going to start with us making bold choices about how we're going to support the health of our kids within our families and coming together like we do in the Raising Resilience Community to support each other in those bold choices.

Like I said, there's a learning curve to this job of ours. And we have a little thinking to do; a little learning to do before we develop confidence. Specifically, we need to learn about what's adding our kids' stress load (biologically, socially and environmentally) and what we can do improve their stress tolerance. 

In this video I share the three things I think about on a daily basis that help me play my part as CEO-mother.

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About Jess Sherman, FDN-P, M.Ed, R.H.N

Jess is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a trauma-sensitive Family Health Educator specializing in brain health & resilience for kids. She is also a teacher, with a Master's degree in education. Her Calm & Clear Kids introductory course, her Amino Acids (with kids!) Quickstart program, and her signature Resilience Roadmap,  along with her book Raising Resilience, have helped families in at least 44 countries improve the lives of their children with learning differences, anxiety, ADHD, and mood disorders and reduce their reliance on medication. She is the 2019 recipient of the CSNNAA award for Clinical Excellence for her work with families, and she continues to bring an understanding of the 5 Core Needs For Resilient Health to the mainstream conversation about children’s mental health, learning, and overall resilience through her blog, courses, workshops and as a contributor to print and online magazines. 

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