Raising Resilient Kids, One Bite At A Time. With Jess Sherman, MEd, RHN 

What To Feed Your Family

What we feed our kids matters. 

Perhaps the most impressive study to date on the influence of early child nutrition on health later in life looked at the diets of 23,000 mother/child pairs from pregnancy through to age five. Among this group, poor diet in early childhood was shown to increase rates of depressive thoughts, anxiety, tantrums, outbursts and aggression in the children...

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Setting a mindset of possibility (video)

Sometimes its a mindset shift that stands between you and meaningful change. In this post I address a little phrase, or a mindset actually, that can be a real barrier to achieving your goals.

Do you fall into this trap?  How do you handle it? Let me know what you think over in the Raising Resilience Community

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"What The Health" – my thoughts

I watched “What The Health” the other night on Netflix.

Short answer is… I’m not a fan. The movie has a very obvious vegan agenda, which is fine… whatever.  I have nothing against vegans. But it turns a very complex subject (the question “what should we eat?”) into black and white, misses the entire concept of bioindividuality...

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The Resilient Family: Stories of Hope. Meghann’s Journey

I literally got chills as Meghann, mom of 5, described how some simple diet changes shifted the entire dynamic of her household.

In our interview she got really vulnerable and talked about how she was scared to start, but was then spurred on by the remarkable and unexpected changes that happened, within literally 5 days of making the shifts.

This is why I do what I do.

Yes, there might be...

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