Raising Resilient Kids, One Bite At A Time. With Jess Sherman, MEd, RHN 

What Fats To Feed Your Family

Fat is a key macronutrient needed for growth and development (there are three macronutrients: fat, protein and carbohydrates).

Your child is in a state of rapid development and they need ample supply of good, nourishing fat, supplying the whole spectrum of healthy fatty acids.

But some fats are health-boosting for our kids while others are health-busting. This blog will explain the difference...

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“Barn’s burnt down - now I can see the moon”

Simple words written by Poet Mizuta Masahide in 17th century Japan now swimming inside my head and helping me understand my purpose with new clarity.

When I started this nutrition coaching work I used to jump out of bed, like a horse out of the barn. Full of energy to create content and answer questions. Ready to serve, ready to learn, ready to help. 

I was filled up.


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Top Tips To Cut Sugar Cravings

Busting through sugar cravings is one of the things I help people with a lot.

We know sugar is bad for us and our kids, but it's everywhere and it is addictive.

One of the reasons we crave sugar is because it truly makes us feel good... for a while. Sugar’s ability to stimulate feel good-hormones is in part what makes it so addictive.

As a strategy to curb sugar cravings, try to stimulate...

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What To Do If Your Child Gets A Tick (video interview)

The question, what to do if your child gets a tick? is on everybody's mind around where I live this time of year.

This week on The Resilient Family series I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Jesse Pierce about Lyme disease. Dr Pierce has been very helpful to my family as we've moved through our own lyme journey. She treats a lot of lyme and lyme co-infections and her...

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