Talking With Friends & Family About Your Food Choices


Sometimes friends & family don't get what you're trying to do when you put your child on a modified "special" diet.

Maybe you're taking out gluten, or additives, or sugar or some other food. If your child doesn't have the typical type of reaction - like hives, or itching, or swelling - some folks might think you're crazy, or going to too much trouble, or over-reacting, or seeing something that's not there, or depriving your child of a happy childhood. 

But you've made a parenting decision. You've chosen to explore the impact of food on your child's health - be it their physical health or their mental/emotional health. Never doubt for a second that that decision was a good one.

Food has a huge impact on health and I want to help you stick to your guns so you can get your child healthier.

You'll get into situations where you have to talk about your food choices with people who don't understand. It's important that you have a strategy so that these conversations remains productive and supportive of both you and your child.

So that's what I talk about in this video -  how to keep the conversation positive. Because if it escalates into conflict or makes you less sure of your decision, it's ultimately your child who loses out. 



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