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With Jess Sherman

How To Ease The Stress of Daylight Savings

Messing with the clocks can wreak havoc in your home if you have sensitive kids.

The yearly ritual of daylight savings is very disruptive to our circadian rhythm - our sleep/wake cycle - and, as an extension, it disrupts our entire hormone system for a little while.

Hormones are chemical messengers that affect how we feel and function. For kids who are already struggling under a heavy stress...

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How To Halloween During A Pandemic

If you're anything like me you're feeling a great deal of conflict about Halloween this year. Am I right?

I thought I had this all worked out years ago when I triumphantly declared how I had made peace with Halloween and had learned to enjoy it again.

(related post: How I Calmed The MamaBear And Made Peace With Halloween)

But then 2020 happened and, you know... the world went topsy-turvy.


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Top Foods To Fight Depression

For many years now, depression and anxiety have topped the list of mental health issues faced by children and young adults.

70% of the time, adults report that their mood instability started in childhood. I suspect, given what we know now about the biological roots of mental health and the impact of a child's diet on their mental wellness later in life, that number is actually...

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Can Screen Time Reduce Resilience?

A recent study showed that preschoolers exposed to 2+ hours of screen time a day were 7.7 times more likely to exhibit ADHD symptoms by age 5 (source). 

The overconsumption of technology, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle has created a perfect storm in kids and has resulted in non-Alzheimer’s, dementia-like symptoms.

Seriously. Digital Dementia in kids is a...

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