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The Resilient Family – With Dr Sabrina Bercovitch on Chiropractic (video)

In this session of The Resilient Family I spoke with Dr Sabrina Bercovitch DC, a Chiropractor who specializes in children. The goal of these interviews is to give parents like you simple strategies to raise healthy kids naturally. 

Some of what we covered:

  • That Chiropractic is about connection; it helps to clear the pathways between brain and body so they can better communicate
  • Chiropractic is not just helpful for physical pain, but also helps to maintain the nervous system as a whole; it is “foundational for anyone who has a spine”
  • How Chiropractic can help expectant mothers, babies and children and the value of a well-baby Chiropractic visit for newborns
  • How a Chiropractor is trained – the science and the art and how Chiropractic is evolving
  • The extra training some Chiropractors do to work with children and children with special needs in particular
  • What to look for when choosing a Chiropractor for your family – the questions to ask
  • Case study of how Chiropractic helped a 5 1/2 month old recover from ear infections and irritated eyes
  • Case study of how Chiropractic help kick lyme infection


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About Jess Sherman, FDN-P, M.Ed, R.H.N

Jess is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and Family Health Educator specializing in brain health & resilience for kids. She is the author of Raising Resilience: Take the stress out of feeding your family & love your life, and the creator of The Resilience Roadmap™ - a systematic process to help parents help their kids feel and function better. Her book and online resources have helped families in 44 countries improve the lives of their children with learning differences, anxiety, ADHD, autism and mood disorders by helping them find hidden stressors and fit the food and feeding piece into their health puzzles. She is the 2019 recipient of the CSNNAA award for Clinical Excellence for her work helping families get healthier, and she continues to bring an understanding of the power of good nutrition to the mainstream conversation about children’s mental health, learning, and overall resilience through her blog, courses and as a  contributor to print and online magazines. You can reach Jess at www.jesssherman.com 

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