Nutritional Psychiatry. Do You Know It Exists? (video)

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Nutritional psychiatry involves looking at the interconnection between what we eat and how our brain functions.

It is new, it is revolutionary, and yet it is also common sense.

This video rant is reposted from my Facebook page. Clearly hit a lot of pain points for people. I want to broaden the discussion about mental health.

Nutritional Psychiatry....

  • It’s about food intake
  • It’s about digestion
  • It’s about nutrient absorption
  • It’s about the influence of agricultural chemicals on the nervous system
  • It’s about how food can stimulate and reduce inflammation in the gut and how those messages can be transferred to the brain
  • It’s about how certain nutrient deficiencies can slow or speed up processes in the body
  • It’s about how blood sugar influences mental function
  • It’s about how sleep influences hormones and mood
  • It’s about gut bacteria and intestinal integrity
  • It’s about exploring the neurological effects of allergies

Nutritional psychiatry has proven to be effective and it has zero negative side effects.

Nutritional psychiatry is something you can do when you feel powerless to help the people you love.

Nutritional psychiatry is the way forward; it’s the missing piece in our discussion about mental illness and suicide prevention.

Nutritional psychiatry is about improving the body’s health so it can function better.

UPDATE: research continues to unfold and I continue to keep my finger on its pulse best I can so I can help you better understand your children. This blog post has more.



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