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With Jess Sherman

Stories of Hope ~ a teen's foggy brain, rash, itch, fatigue, nausea


"I threw up most days. I felt like the life was being sucked out of me. It was like my body was exploding."

Starting in grade 8, Solveig's life became a nightmare.

"I was the most itchy you've ever been times 100. I would have to dig my nails into my skin to distract myself in class. By noon I had to call my mom in tears to pick me up from school."

~Solveig's skin in grade 8


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How To Halloween During A Pandemic

If you're anything like me you're feeling a great deal of conflict about Halloween this year. Am I right?

I thought I had this all worked out years ago when I triumphantly declared how I had made peace with Halloween and had learned to enjoy it again.

(related post: How I Calmed The MamaBear And Made Peace With Halloween)

But then 2020 happened and, you know... the world went topsy-turvy.


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Picky Eaters - Feeding Kids During The Crisis

A lot of parents in our community have kids they'd consider to be picky eaters. Last week I took our community into my kitchen to show them some of the things I'm doing with food right now to keep our bodies and minds healthy (you can read a summary here or watch the video replay in our group here). 

But I'm also aware that amidst all this talk of immune boosting and nourishment, when your...

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What I'm feeding my family during the COVID crisis

Earlier this week I did a Facebook Live session from my kitchen showing our Raising Resilience Community what I'm feeding myself and my kids right now. For those not on Facebook, I'll summarize it here. 

To be honest, I'm not doing much differently right now - I'm just being more diligent with it. 

This particular virus is 'novel' (meaning we haven't seen it before), and it...

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