Parenting From The Inside Out 

Let's release the  pressure so everyone can feel better!

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If You're Like The Parents We Work With, You've Tried Various Things To Ease Your Child's Mind & Mood
But Something Is Missing

You Want To Know What's  Keeping Them So Uncomfortable.

It breaks your heart that your beautiful child is struggling with friendships and expectations. 

You're exhausted and overwhelmed and feel confused about what to focus on to help them.  

Therapies and parenting strategies help but are exhausting. You wonder what else you can do.

You like the idea of avoiding medication but wonder, could nutrition really help?

You're exhausted by trying things that don't help. 

Learn About Our Services

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What Does It Mean To Work From The Inside Out?

We look at things like nutrient imbalances, gut bacteria, toxins, infection, and food reactions that may be overwhelming your child's nervous system and keeping their mind from finding calm.

It's a Whole Child approach that understands the influence of social, biological, and environmental pressures on your child's developing nervous system in the context of their genetics and experience.

Key Ideas That Underlie Our Work 


Kids do better when they feel better & they feel better when they do better
Volatile behavior is a text message from the body of some deep discomfort

Relationship is a cornerstone to healthy child development 

The Body and the Brain work together to influence how we feel and behave

A child's external and internal environments work together to support who they become  


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When We Understand Our Kids We Can Help Them

You Have Options

When I learned about the impact of geneticsnutrition & hidden biological stress on how kids feel and experience life, my mind was blown wide open to new possibilities for helping them.

I left a career as a high school teacher about a decade ago on a hunch we could help kids without relying so much on medication.

It was while studying nutrition that I learned why our creative teaching strategies hit a ceiling with so many kids. It was because we had overlooked the connection between how kids feel in their bodies to how they behave, function and think.

I dove into a new career as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, because I couldn't unlearn what I had learned about the impact of genetics, nutrient balance, foods, and the gut microbiome on child development and behavior. 

Since 2008 I've been helping parents find the right nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help their kids calm down, learn better, have better sleep & skin, have better poops, have more stable moods, and be less anxious. 

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