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For struggling kids & families 


We offer whole-child, systematic plans to help kids feel better, function better and show up as their best self.


Sounds Great. How Do I Start?

Where To Start Depends On Where You're At.

Which Sounds More Like You?

Jess, You've Peaked My Interest! 

My child's moody, anxious, angry and having trouble at school but I'm not sure yet how functional nutrition can help.  


What you're saying about the brain-body connection makes sense, but I'm not yet convinced changing diet will help or is do-able.

I've heard there are natural options other than medication but I'm not sure yet how they could work or what to focus on.

I want to better understand how a functional nutrition approach can work so I'm clear on my options.

I'm exhausted and not able to really invest much time, money or energy right now but I'd love to get some starting points to help my child. 

I'm pretty sure I want to go a natural  route to help my child but my parenting partner's not bought in yet. We need more details.

I'm not quite ready to invest a whole lot of time or energy into diet changes but I'm curious to know more about how they could effect my child.  

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OMG Jess, I've Been Looking For You!!

My child's really struggling and I'm ready for a systematic plan to help them feel and function better!
How Soon Can We Get Started?


I've read about the impact of nutrition, gut health and attachment on learning and mood and it makes a ton of sense to me! This has been a missing piece for us!

I know something is going on in my child's body that's creating these symptoms and have been looking for someone to help me figure out what to focus on!

I'm ready for a systematic action plan.

I know it might take some resources but I also know this functional nutrition piece is the part I want to focus on right now.

I'm ready and able to invest time, money and energy into getting the right tests, foods, coaching and supplements into my child but I need a supportive guide to coach me through a systematic plan so I do this efficiently.


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Hmmmm... I need something else

Neither of those descriptions sounds like me.
I need to talk to you about something other than how to use a nutritional approach to help my child feel, function and learn better.