How To Ease Your Child's Anxiety & Related Symptoms From The Inside-Out  Using Functional Nutrition

An On-Demand Seminar for Parents.

with Jess Sherman, MEd, RHN, FDN-P 

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Spend 31 Minutes With Me And Learn... 

  • What keeps kids anxious, revved up, shut down, and distracted that isn't addressed by their IEP, therapy, tutoring or your positive parenting 

  • How the nervous system and stress response work and the 5 types of stress that keep kids stuck in a dysregulated state
  • Why knowing your child's specific genetics can help you parent them in a way that brings more calm and connection without relying on medication, threats or infinite patience (even if you have a hormonal teen!)
  • The three phases of care and the right sequence of therapies and tools that will make your progress most efficient 

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About Your Host: Jess Sherman FDN-P, MEd, RHN

The number of times parents tell me, "I wish someone had told me about natural solutions back when we first got the diagnosis" is what keeps me doing what I do. 

Your child might be struggling right now, they might have a diagnosis (or not), it might feel like they're sucking the oxygen out of your family... but they are not broken.

I want you to be crystal clear about your options.

Truth is, behavior is actually very predictable once you understand how the body works. 

After attending this session you'll understand the biology behind your child's behavior and exactly how to stay systematic and efficient so you can help them regulate better without burning yourself out (and how you can do this even if you can't get your child to eat better!)

For 20 years I've been helping struggling kids feel and function better. Stick with me, and I'll fill your toolbox with strategies that feel do-able.



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