For Parents of Anxious, Moody Kids ​​Who Want Options Beyond Meds... 



How to Help an Anxious, Angry, or Moody Child —
Even When Therapy, Educational Plans, and Positive Parenting have Failed

With Jess Sherman, MEd, RHN, FDN-P  

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In This Masterclass You'll Learn... 

  • Why kids can't calm down despite your best efforts — and what you can do to help them settle quickly

  • The 5 things that keep kids STUCK—that are never addressed by educational plans, therapy, or positive parenting.

  • A 3-phase natural care plan to help your kids feel better so they can do better—without more medications.


You'll leave with a fresh perspective on your child, confidence about how to help them feel more calm, secure, focused, and emotionally flexible, and renewed hope for their future.

About Your Host: Jess Sherman MEd, RHN, FDN-P

Hey... I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner board certified in practical holistic nutrition with a master's degree in education. For over 20 years I've been helping struggling kids feel and function better. 

The number of times parents tell me, "I wish someone had told me about natural solutions back when we first noticed our child was struggling with mood and learning" is what keeps me doing what I do. 

Your child might be struggling right now, they might have a diagnosis (or not), it might feel like they're sucking the oxygen out of your family... but they are not broken.

I recorded this class for you because I want you to understand your child better so you can be crystal clear about how you can support them.

Truth is, behavior is actually very predictable once you understand what's going on inside the body. After attending this session you'll understand your child more and know exactly how to systematically and efficiently help them regulate better without burning yourself out. 

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