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~ For Parents Managing Kids With ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Anger, Trouble  Sleeping & Learning  ~

The Biology Of Behavior

Learn how our trauma-informed functional nutrition process helps kids feel better without relying on medication


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In our recorded session you'll learn...

  • This missing part of your plan that explains why the IEP, therapy, tutoring and positive parenting isn't helping your anxious, hyper, inattentive, moody or angry child "do better", "feel better", or "behave better" to the extent you'd like
  • How to rewire the stressed-out nervous system for more calm, focus, and rational thought (even if they're a teen)
  • The top biological stressors that keep kids revved up or shut down 
  • How our 3-phase process of Raising Resilience customizes your toolbox of strategies so you can finally have a more calm, connected family without relying on medication, threats or infinite patience
  • How to avoid the most common mistake that keeps parents frustrated as they try to help their kids learn and feel better
  • How to accelerate progress even if you feel like you've done everything
  • How you can take a functional nutrition approach even if you can't get your child to eat better (and also if you think their diet's pretty darn good!)

You'll leave with a 3-phase plan and clarity about your next best steps.


About Your Host: Jess Sherman FDN-P, MEd, RHN

The number of times parents tell me, "I wish someone had told me about natural solutions back when we first got the diagnosis" is what keeps me doing what I do. 

Your child might be struggling right now, they might have a diagnosis (or not), it might feel like they're sucking the oxygen out of your family... but they are not broken.

I want you to be crystal clear about your options.

Truth is, behavior is actually very predictable once you understand how the body works. 

After attending this session you'll understand the biology behind your child's behavior and exactly how to stay systematic and efficient so you can help them regulate better without burning yourself out.

For 20 years I've been helping struggling kids feel and function better. Stick with me, and I'll fill your toolbox with strategies that feel do-able.



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A Little More About The Work I Do With Families

With a special interest in kids, I took a sabbatical from my career in teaching to study holistic nutrition in 2006. This helped me understand how food affects our bodies and our minds. It also helped me understand biochemical uniquenesses that thrive on different types of diets and the foundational pillars that make our bodies function that need to be well-nourished.

My book, Raising Resilience, grew out of my experience as a new mom faced with the very real challenges of applying what I knew to keep my kids healthy. It whittled down the need-to-knows so parents wanting to raise healthy kids could be efficient with their time, money, and energy.

Since learning stuff is very different from making change happen, I created 2 programs to help parents make the changes they want to see happen. Calm & Clear Kids is our DIY digital course to get you started without committing to major changes. The Resilience Roadmap is our signature system built for families wanting more handholding and more strategic guidance.

My training in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition allows me to accelerate a family's progress by connecting them with functional tests when they need them. Functional tests are like windows in a house. They help parents answer the question, "what is going on in there?" The more windows you have from different perspectives, the better sense you can get of what's actually happening inside. These are not diagnostic tests like you would get from your medical doctor. These are tests that look at how the body is functioning in a number of areas so we know where to target our efforts in support.

All of this is couched in my Biology Of Trauma training that has helped me understand the critical importance of attachment in child development and the impact of stress and trauma on the biology of children. Recent research has revealed the biological shifts a body undergoes when exposed to stress and trauma. We know how that cascade unfolds, how to reverse engineer it, and also how to strengthen resilience against stress and trauma by building up a body's reserve. 

All of this experience together helps me to give families a custom set of tools to help their kids feel better without relying on medication.

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