Nourishing Calm
for Anxious Young Minds...


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Nourishing Calm
for Anxious Young Minds...


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I'm Jess.

It was a mom named Sarah who helped me decide to dedicate my time to helping kids feel, function and learn better.

"It just seems like he can't slow down, turn off, know what's appropriate and when, you know?" she told me.

Her son Tom had few friends, several tics, he was anxious. He wasn't sleeping well, had terrible skin, was alarmingly skinny and he was so picky with food that the family couldn't eat together anymore. 

"Taking him to school feels like throwing him to the wolves," she told me.

Something needed to change. And quick before his self esteem dissolved further.

As I learned about the impact of nutrients, stress, genes, food, and gut health on the brain, mood, and behavior my mind was blown wide open to new possibilities for helping kids like Tom.

We now call this approach "Parenting From The Inside Out"

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What Folks Say About Working With Us...

"My patients are always thrilled with the resources and attention to detail Jess provides and her book is my go-to for parents wanting to learn more about raising healthy kids."

Dr Pierce, Medical Partner

"Jess has been a god-sent to me and my children. She has given me confidence and I am now able to connect dots, identify triggers and treat the causes of our symptoms rather than mask them. Jess's expertise goes far beyond nutrition."

~ Danielle, mom of 3. Roadamp participant

"I was weak, weary, and exhausted, but now I know what I need to do in the grocery store to meet my goals. Jess helped me find the right baby steps"

~ Shannon, Mom of 7. Roadmap participant

"Been watching videos and interviews and if I could hug my computer I would! So glad I found you and this course"

~Colleen, Mom of 3. Roadmap participant

"We have worked with what feels like countless practitioners. Jess is a clear stand-out. She cuts through the chaos. She is deeply knowledgeable. Her guidance is actionable."

~ Courtney. Roadmap participant

"Jess is one of the most engaged and aware nutritionists I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I never hesitate to refer families to her for coaching and support"

~ Dr McQuarrie, Medical partner

"CCK really helped me with the framework of how to approach adding more nutrients in without stirring up conflict. I feel more confident about how to approach changes and have more energy as a mom!"

~ Katie, Calm & Clear Kids participant

"OMG we have a new child! We started the supplements and his teacher says he's not the same child!

~ Bernice, Roadmap participant

"Jess is practical and uses an approach that is empowering but flexible to accommodate all the roadblocks. For our family joining the Resilience Roadmap was the best decision"

~ Jackie, Roadmap participant

"After our journey with Jess our home is a much calmer place. Our son feels empowered because he has so much more control of himself and his emotions."

~ Katie, Roadmap participant

"As a Naturopathic Doctor and a mom I often refer my young patients to work with Jess and they absolutely love her approach and nutrition strategies."

~ Dr Luck ND, Roadmap participant

Recognized With The Award For Clinical Excellence In Holistic Nutrition For Her Work With Families

Jess Changed My Life!

I initially signed up with Jess because I had decision fatigue; I did not know what to feed my children and I just wanted new recipes. I had no idea that what I was signing up for was SO MUCH MORE, and would CHANGE MY LIFE. 
Working with Jess has given me DIRECTION, a VISION and a SUPPORT group to keep me on course. 
Jess is more than just a source of information; she is supportive, reliable, available and goes the extra mile. She brought me the relief and support I needed to have more peace.

~ Shannon, Mom of 7, Resilience Roadmap participant


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