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Castor Oil & Kids' Packs

Castor oil has been used for hundreds of years to reduce pain, improve digestion, rebalance the microbiome, stabilize bowel movements and calm the nervous system. This oil is top quality, is made in small batches and is bottled in glass. Their pack system is the mess-less, heat-less option for castor oil treatments and they have a great pack sized just for kids. 

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Tower Gardens

This is a vertical, aeroponic gardening system so you can grow a garden all year 'round.  Use it for your own family or get your child's school to purchase one (we can help with an educational tool kit!). This system helps you grow 30% more food, 3x faster, with 98% less water than regular soil gardening. This is the easiest way to get more fresh veggies into your life!

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Juice Plus Phytonutrient Blend

Phytonutrients help reduce inflammation and support immune function. This product is made from vine ripened fruits and vegetables, is dehydrated under low heat to keep nutrients intact, and has been tested for mold, pesticide and glyphosate residue (NSF certification). Available in capsules (which can be opened and sprinkled into food) or chewables.

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Teach Your Kids To Cook!

Kids Cook Real Food is an online video course to teach kids how to cook 100% real, healthy food. Using fun phrases and easy-to-understand directions, lead teacher Katie Kimball teaches kids all the basics for a healthy kitchen. Over 30 skills are organized into 3 levels so kids can work together on one meal or snack and be proud of their accomplishments. Raising Resilience Community Members get $10 off!

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Vibrant Blue Essential Oils

Top quality essential oils specifically blended to bring relief to so many childhood concerns! Choose from individual blends or bundle them as a kit to support digestive health, relaxation, sleep, energy and mood stability. Plus check out their book, Essential Oils to Boost The Brain & Heal The body for recipes and protocols. 


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Superfood-Infused Coffee & Elixirs

Four Sigmatic creates coffee and non-caffeinated elixirs infused with superfoods like mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs. Their soothing drinks help support resilience and ease stress. They have options for all times of the day. Browse their store to see all their options. I particularly love their coffee with Lion's Mane and their Mushroom Elixir blends.

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Force Of Nature completely non-toxic all purpose cleaner

This is the ONLY non-toxic cleaner you'll need! It converts salt, water & vinegar into a super powerful multi-surface cleaner that kills 99.9% of germs. It replaces bleach, sanitizers, kitchen, glass, bathroom cleaners, deodorizers and disinfectants.

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Pluck - brilliance in a bag

A simple and delicious way to increase the nutritional value of everything you eat.

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