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The Resilient Health Blog

Raise Resilient,
Healthy Kids, One Bite At A Time.

With Jess Sherman, MEd, RHN 

Staying Healthy Over The Holidays

Staying healthy over the holidays… is it on your radar?

The holidays are wonderful, in their way, but they also create stress on our bodies (ironically).

We’re out of our rhythm, our diets and eating patterns change and, depending on your family and situation, there is the stress of travel and pressure added in on top!

When there’s stress we get run down and, too...

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Kids Can't Sleep? The Role Of Calcium

Sometimes kids complain that they can’t fall asleep and they are up until 11 or 12 at night.  This can drive parents crazy as it eats into their own downtime, not to mention it can make for a grumpy morning.

But lack of sleep also leads to reduced concentration and ability to learn and can also impair growth and lead to weight gain. Getting kids to fall into a circadian rhythm...

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