Is Your Child's Brain Working Its Best?

Better Nutrition Builds Better Brains

Nutrients are the workers inside our bodies. Without them, learning becomes difficult & moods become unstable

Nutrition Matters Because... 

  • nutrients keep our cell membranes fluid and functional,
  • nutrients drive chemical processes like detoxification & digestion,
  • nutrients form structural components of our brain,
  • nutrients are involved in the creation and transport of neruotransmitters and hormones like dopamine and serotonin
Learn About What Your Child's Brain Needs

Nutrition For The Brain Is An Introductory Course To Help Parents Understand The Nutritional Factors Involved In Their Child's.....

Memory & Concentration Issues
Fears and phobias
Sleeplessness & Nightmares
Depression & lethargy
Suicidal ideation
Anger, aggression & rage

And More...

I'm Jess, And I'll Be Your Guide 

I'm a mom of three, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, author, speaker and health coach specializing in children's nutrition. I'm also a former high school teacher.

I've been working with families for 20 years.

I have worked alongside Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Family Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, teachers and other health care professionals for 10 years, helping parents implement a nutrition strategy to help their kids calm down, learn better, have better sleep, have better poops, have more stable moods and get over their picky eating.

We go beyond diagnosis and use food & nourishment to support the overall health of the body so that it works better.

When we do that, troubling symptoms - from skin rashes to tantrums to anxiety and inattention - start to dissolve.

It's a process I call Raising Resilience.

At home I’m a parent, like you, just trying to keep all my balls in the air and raise a healthy family.

In The Nutrition For The Brain Course You Will Learn About...


Which foods and nutrients support better brain health


Which nutritional deficiencies contribute to mood instability & learning struggles


Which tests you can access yourself and which to discuss with your doctor.


The latest reserach on vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that help kids feel and function their best

Here's Exactly What's Included...

Module 1: An introduction to nutrients and the brain (10:12 audio + handouts)

Module 2: Foods for the brain (includes recipes) + the impact of blood sugar (10:23 audio + recipes and handouts)

Module 3: Nutritional supplements supportive of brain function including a deficiency checklist & recommended brands. Also includes discussion about tests to aks your doctor about. (8:29 audio + checklists)

Module 4: The importance of mitochondrial support for brain function and the nutrients involved in that (mitochondria are our energy powerhouses... since the brain requires a lot of energy, mitochondrial function and brain function are related) (text, handout and food list)

Module 5: The use of targeted amino acid supplements like GABA, Tryptophan and Melatonin for quick mood and behaviour stabilization. Includes checklists, recommended brands and safety precautions. (7:51 audio + checklist)

Module 6: Top brain busters that contribute to mood instability and why they should be avoided (text)

Module 7: Summary plan for more mental and emotional stability (3:15 audio + summary text)


You get instant access to all the content as soon as you register and can work through it at your own pace

Citations of selected research on which these nutritional recommendations are based are included. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each to see the answer

Sure! You can ask questions to clarify the content right inside the classroom. But this is not a coaching program, it is an information resource meant to help you understand the connection between nutritional deficiency and behaviour. You'll have what you need here to get started with some basic supplements and foods, and to initiate a conversation with your doctor about testing. If it's a more detailed, individualized plan you want, you'll want to check out my Resilience Roadmap coaching program. 

No. It does include a discussion about tests that can be helpful as well as a nutritional deficiency questionnaire that can guide your discussions about testing, but tests are not included. 

The connection between the gut and the brain is important to consider with any mood/behaviour issue, but it is not the focus of this course. This course is a foundational course meant to help you pinpoint specific nutritional imbalances and correct them so your child feels better quickly. We do discuss the gut-brain connection here, but working on digestion is a longer project - we do that in our 12 week coaching program, The Resilience Roadmap

Medication should never be stopped without consulting your doctor or pharmacist, but nutritional strategies like the ones you'll learn here can in some cases reduce side effects and improve efficacy of medication. They can also be a great place to start if you're considering medication but want to try nutritional options first. There is likely more to what's going on inside your child than what you'll learn here, (like digestive issues, blood sugar instability, potential food sensitivities and more), but Advanced Nutrition For The Brain is a great place to start if you're new to the concept of nutritional psychiatry and want to get started with some basic strategies.

No. This is an information resource, not a coaching program. But it will give you a strong start by outining helpful nutrients to either supplement or get tested, and focus you in on foods and recipes that can support more stable mood, learning and behaviour. If it's a comprenensive plan you want, please check out our Resilience Roadmap - that is our 12 week course which covers what we cover here plus a whole heck of a lot more.

It's Time To Stop Wondering And Start Helping Your Child Feel & Function Better

I've done all the research for you... it's time to get started


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