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When We Know What Our Kids Need But Struggle To Get Enough In

I Love A Food-First Approach But...

Between picky eating, environmental toxins, stress, and our too-busy lives sometimes we need to use supplements to fill the gap between what we know our kids need and what we are able to get into them.

Inside my dispensary you'll see my specific supplement recommendations for the following common needs. Orders will be shipped to your door (Canada Only)

Mom Support

Supplements for stress, hormone balancing, adrenal fatigue, prenatal and postnatal recovery, digestive support

Gut Health

Probiotics along with support for constipation & diarrhea relief, healthy gut mucosa and digestive inflammation

Nutrients & Superfoods

Specific high quality, easy-to-absorb nutrients, protein powders, superfoods and antioxidants. 


Supplements to help the body rid itself of waste and toxins so the entire body functions better. 

ADHD, Anxiety & Mood

Nutritional supplements to support  brain health & development, focus and learning.

Immune Health

To support your child's immune development and to the whole family combat common viruses


Antioxidants from plants (phytonutrients) are key to reducing inflammation and supporting immune function. Click here to order the phytonutrient blend from which I have seen best results (available outside of Canada as well as within) 


Stress interferes with resilience in myriad ways. We can take steps to reduce our stress but these supplements can help us support a robust stress response.


Nutrients to help calm the body in general and the nervous system specifically to support sleep & relaxation

Why Buy From My Dispensary?

There is a lot of junk on the market. What you'll find in my recommendations are supplements I am confident in so you save the time it would take to do trial and error yourself. I spend a significant amount of time learning about a company and a product before I recommend it. 

I get a small commission if you purchase your supplements through my dispensaries, but I will also spend time answering your questions and making personal recommendations.

Plus, you get access to high quality professional grade supplements…. delivered right to your door. 

Here's What You Need To Look For In Your Nutritional Supplments...

(read this so you don't waste your money!)

1. Nutrient Form

Each nutrient itself has different identities – forms that metabolize slightly differently in the body. Different bodies do better with different forms.

B12 is a good example of this. Some forms of B12 are cyanocobalamine, Methylcobalamine, Adenosylcobalamine and Hydroxycobalamin. Different bodies do better with different forms. 

Folic acid is another example. Folate is the form of this B vitamin which is found in foods. Taking folate as MTHF (Methyl-tetra-hydro-folate), Follicin or Folinic acid is a better choice than folic acid.

A practitioner or a well educated natural products advisor can help you find a supplement that contains the right form for you. But if you don’t have access to one, going with a practitioner grade supplement will generally offer you a supplement with higher quality, more absorbable, raw material.

2. Purity

PCBs, dioxins, pesticides, metals and other environmental contaminants can accumulate in some supplements. We are taking supplements to help our bodies stay healthy – we don’t want our supplements to be another source of toxicity!

One example of this is calcium. Calcium supplements are often derived from bone and shells which are a storage house for lead. There have been several reports of lead contaminated calcium supplements.

Fish oil is another example. Metals and chemicals are stored in fatty tissue. If your fish oil was extracted from a contaminated fish, the oil can become a concentrated source of toxins.

Look for purity statements on your supplements. Some also have been analyzed by third party groups such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), USP (United States Pharmacopea), NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Again, the more expensive brands typically have taken this extra step to assure purity.

3. Potency

Many supplements, particularly those for children, contain very low ( sometimes insignificant) doses of some nutrients. It’s best to work with a practitioner to figure out proper dosing, but again cheaper brands are more likely to contain lower doses than practitioner brands.

4. “Non-medical” ingredients

Below the active ingredients on most supplement labels there is a list of “non medical ingredients”. These include fillers, binders, colours, flavours & sweeteners. Be sure to check for these as many of these ingredients can be irritating to your child.



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