When you can’t take another outburst, tantrum, or meltdown…

We’ll Help You & Your Child Navigate
From Stress To Strength

Our Resilience Roadmap merges
nutrition, parenting strategies, functional lab testing, & nervous system support
to ease your child’s stress and help them thrive emotionally.

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Ever feel triggered by your kids?

Like you’d do anything to get them to stop waking you up at night and making problems at school or getting in their own way with their habits and stresses and you just want them to eat a good meal and settle the heck down and be a normal kid??? 

Yea, you and a billion other parents of high needs kids....

Parents find us and our roadmap when they’re discouraged and drained and want more for their kids.

They can’t make plans because their child is so unpredictable.

They’re walking on eggshells.

They love their kids but are exhausted by them.

They're worried their kids aren't getting the right foods.

They wonder about medications but want to know their options.

This was not how they imagined things and they feel like they’re failing their kids.



If that sounds familiar, I want you to take a deep breath. 

Things can get better. 

I know that because you're here. And you’re asking all the right questions…. 


What’s going on? 

Why is my child so stressed? 

Why isn't my love enough?

Why isn't what I'm doing working?

What can I do to help them feel better?


The real problem is that your child
is full of hidden stress you can't see. 

We Designed Our Roadmap For Parents Of Kids 4-18 Who Experience

  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Aggression
  • Obsessive thoughts and behaviors
  • Outbursts
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Attention Problems
  • Moodiness
  • Other Emotional Struggles

It's for the kids who are stuck and need a pattern-interrupt to break the cycles of stress they're trapped in. 

It's for parents who want their kids to feel more calm and secure and would rather keep them off medications if possible.


That's Me! Jump Me To What's Included

Here's What We Do

As parents follow our roadmap they learn to empty their child's stress bucket and increase their stress capacity in ways that are not being addressed anywhere else.

They learn what's going on inside their child's body that's making it hard for them to cope.

Once they learn this, the parents following our system can create a safe and positive environment around their kids, and the strongest, most robust environment inside their kids. 


Here's How We Do It

Over our time together parents learn to apply the 5 Core Nourishment Needs that bring messages of safety and calm to their child's nervous system, while reducing the 5 Main Hidden Stressors that keep kids revved up, stresed out, and shut down.


The result is a more emotionally flexible, resilient child, and a happier, more connected family.

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As You Follow Our Resilience Roadmap You'll Gain Deep Insight Into Your Child's Body So You Know Exactly How To Help Them Feel Calmer, More Focused, And Happier 

Overheard In Our Coaching Calls

Perfect! Skip Me Right To What's Included

"He used to be angry, sad, anxious, aggressive and grumpy"


"This is my 7 year old son. I knew that the changes we were making were making a difference when friends and family started commenting on how happy he was.

Sometimes it's hard to really see the changes when you're so immersed in the every day of it all, but then I see this and I see how happy and rested and joyful he is on a much more regular basis.

Diet changes, supplements, consistency....these have ultimately brought peace and joy to my son like we hadn't seen in years. It's hard - but it's so, so, so worth it.

Thank you Jess for your continued support and encouragement."

          - Jenna, participant

Working through the Resilience Roadmap is not like seeing your doctor.


Unlike a medical approach that aims to diagnose and fix a specific symptom, we take a whole-body approach that supports the entire child. 

Instead of chasing symptoms and playing whack-a-mole, we trust in the body’s innate wisdom to function well if it’s given what it needs and is not overloaded with stress. 

Instead of labeling a collection of behaviors as a diagnosis, we help you understand your child’s unique biology and find the leverage points to help them feel better. 

Instead of making you wait until your next visit or charging by the minute, we answer your questions in real-time through our coaching group and weekly calls.

Instead of feeling isolated and confused, you'll feel connected and confident.

Instead of focusing on "fixing your child", we consider your child in the context of their environment.

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The Resilience Roadmap is a unique system that helps you ease your child’s stress from the inside-out and the outside-in

Here's More Of What Our Roadmap Families Are Experiencing...

"I'm So Proud! Big Improvements..."

"I'm blown away... she's loving life!"

"Very few violent outbursts!"

"Stress-Free the night before school starts!"

"I see a light at the end of the tunnel!"

Meet The Coaching Team

Jess Sherman, MEd, FDN-P, RHN

I'm a mother, a certified teacher, an international speaker, best-selling author, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, and award-winning Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, board certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition. 

I've found that raising kids can be delightful and exhausting and that while they’re complex they're predictable at the same time.

I wrote Raising Resilience and created The Resilience Roadmap to fill a critical and unmet need that I saw with parents - they desperately want to help their children feel and function better but feel overwhelmed by all the moving parts.

Inside our Roadmap program, I mastermind your Strategic Map and personalize your protocols (Accelerated tier only) and facilitate one group implementation call each month. I work closely with the rest of the team to hold the complexity for you. We’ll be your strategic partners and connect the dots for you, freeing up the energy you spend wishing and wondering so you can focus on creating a more calm and connected home.

Lexy Feinstein

Lexy is our Community Care Coordinator and will be your accountability coach for all things to do with logistics.

She’ll make sure you stay on track with sessions and lab work, but we also call on Lexy to help families who are interested in safely implementing a plant-based diet that supports growth, resilience, and brain health in kids.

Lexy has been studying the art of healing through food for over a decade.

Jen Gillean

Jen is our implementation coach, here to help you maintain momentum.

She brings her experience as a mother, and certified teacher, along with specialized training in birth & bereavement, Yoga Therapy, and herbalism to support parents through this process of change.

Inside our Roadmap, Jen facilitates our weekly coaching calls and monthly implementation challenges and is also available to work with parents 1:1 to process trauma and support the stress response using Yoga therapy and botanical medicine. 

Aside from working with us, Jen also supports people through grief, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, addiction, and persistent pain.

Here's What's Included:

There are TWO ways to follow our Roadmap - our Essentials and our Accelerated Tiers. Everyone Gets.... 

Online Classroom

Learn the core essentials through 10 recorded modules, online or through our mobile app! Work through actionable steps and implementation handouts. Topics include:

  • How the nervous system gets stuck in a stressed state
  • 5 core nourishment needs of kids
  • Smart use of supplements to support the nervous system
  • Expanding the palate of picky eaters to get more nutrition into them
  • How to go gluten-free (and how to decide if you should)
  • What to do about dairy
  • Detoxification strategies for kids
  • How to eat the right foods for the nervous system
  • Managing sugar
  • Supporting gut health for a positive gut-brain connection
  • And more!!

Simple Recipes

Unlock 100+ nourishing recipes curated with picky eaters and busy parents in mind. Recipe examples:

  • Healing meat and vegetable stocks 
  • Fortified pumpkin hummus
  • Basic Breakfast Milkshake
  • Gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread
  • And more!!

Discover the power of good nutrition and learn to add nourishing foods in before ever taking any challenging foods out!


Tools To Teach Kids

Empowering infographics to help your kids understand their bodies and how to nourish themselves. Some examples:

  • How to build the perfectly balanced smoothie
  • Fueling your body
  • How to “eat the rainbow”
  • Factors influencing weight
  • Core nourishment needs
  • Packing a healthy lunch

Use these to teach your kids how to nourish their bodies so they’re equipped for a lifetime of good health. 

Nervous System Support

Learn to work in collaboration with your nervous system and help your kids do the same for:

  • Better sleep
  • Better emotional stability
  • Sounder decision making
  • Better communication
  • Better co-regulation
  • Happier days, more peaceful nights

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Get support applying the Resilience Roadmap concepts to your family dynamic. Example topics include:

  • Co-regulating with our kids
  • Staying calm in challenging situations
  • Ending dinner battles
  • Getting kids pooping
  • And get your questions answered!

We don’t just want you just learning stuff, we want you taking action to make the changes you want to see happen. Our coach Jen will support you through weekly calls. One call a month is guided by Jess. 


Implementation Challenges

Our fun, interactive group challenges that emphasize nourishment help you make changes stick. Topics have included:

  • Hydration & water quality
  • Movement & play
  • Sleep routines
  • Navigating the holidays
  • Better breakfasts
  • And more!!

These are done in our private Facebook group which is a safe place to learn, connect, and share with other families who are also raising challenging kids.  

Choose Our Accelerated Tier To Also Get...

Our Resilience Genetic Panel

We designed this unique DNA panel specifically for Roadmap families to use as the foundation of their Strategic Plan. It's a simple saliva test to give insights into how your child’s genetics influence:

  • Detoxification and chemical sensitivity
  • Methylation
  • Mood and stress tolerance
  • Gut function and food reactions
  • Key nutritional needs
  • Inflammation control, brain resilience & histamine

Understanding your child’s genetic wiring and stress tolerance allows you to zoom in on the most critical leverage points so you can parent them in alignment with their unique biological needs. 

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Private sessions to customize a plan including:

  • Strategy Mapping 
  • Lab Reviews
  • Personalized Supplement Planning
  • Protocol Optimization

You’ll understand your child better than ever before and learn specific tools to support them.  

Functional Lab Reviews

Functional labs are like windows into the body to explore the 5 core hidden stressors that keep the nervous system stuck. We've identified the 5 main stressors that impact a child's mood and behavior as:

  1. Nutrient imbalances
  2. Food reactions
  3. Gut microbiome imbalance
  4. Clogged detoxification pathways
  5. Hidden infections

Lab Reviews For Kids

For older kids and teens keen to understand their body and how to support it, we will video review their labs for them using language that is:

⭐︎ Positive 

⭐︎ Empowering

⭐︎ Simple

...so they understand exactly what they can do to feel awesome.

And..... Enjoy These Bonuses!
Included in both tiers to accelerate your progress


Unlock trainings on targeted nutrition and parenting topics such as resolving picky eating, making fermented foods, safe Paleo for kids, managing allergies, and more!


Access 10+ expert masterclasses on specialty topics ranging from essential oils to sensory integration to the biology of trauma, and so much more! 


Enjoy 10% off all high-quality and professional-grade supplements purchased from our convenient online dispensaries. Many are formulated specifically for kids!


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You've Got Questions, I'm Sure!

More Glimpses Of What's Possible!

"I finally see my sweet little boy!"

"Profound shifts!"

"The kids are engaged and happy! Decision fatigue is gone!"

"Our son feels empowered. Our home is much calmer."

"Significant progress in three months!"

"Last year this kind of recovery would have been impossible for him!"

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