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Welcome Parents, To
The Resilience Roadmap;


Twelve Weeks To A Happier, Healthier Child &
A Calmer, More Confident YOU!


One out of five children has a hard time staying focused, struggles with transitions, mood, anxiety or anger, ADHD or Autism; they're having a hard time learning, sleeping, pooping and communicating & they struggle to meet expectations.


Is That Your Kid?

Your Child's Anxiety, Aggression, Inattention, or Diagnosis Does Not Have To Limit Their Success Any Longer

After Working With Hundreds Of Children, From Classroom To Clinic, I Have Learned A Few Things You NEED TO KNOW


  • Food is likely playing a role in your child's behaviour and pain.

     Most teachers, therapists, doctors and counsellors miss the impact of food because they are not trained to understand how food influences the function of the brain & body, nor do they have a way to coach you on implementing diet strategies that work - food is just not their tool. Since food impacts every tissue of the body, exploring food remains a powerful yet sorely under-utilized tool for helping your kids
  • If you've tried making diet changes and have seen no improvements it's probably because...

    you didn't have a roadmap of the most powerful strategies or a way to systematically track changes. When it comes to diet, there is rarely One Thing that makes the difference - we have to think of diet as a whole. And if you don't have a map to follow while you do that, you're likely to get lost and confused.
  • If you're frustrated by even the mere thought of making diet changes and just don't think this is going to fly with your family...

    I encourage you to change your perspective. No parent likes to say "no" all the time and that kind of restriction-based approach can cause a rift in your family dynamic. But if you shift the conversation to one of nourishment, everything changes. Food becomes a tool for bringing the family together rather than a source of conflict. Changing your family's diet does not have to (nor should it) focus on restriction.

You've Finally Found A Roadmap To A Happier, Healthier Child & A Calmer, More Confident You

To Help Your Child We Need To Reduce Their Stress While Nourishing The Body. This is a Process Called "Raising Resilience"

But Feeding A Family Is Tough!

Does your life look like this?

You spend your nights sifting through all the blogs, facebook posts, books, articles and opinions to try to figure out what you should be feeding your child.

You finally free up time, energy and money to get this healthy food on the table...

...only to have your kids reject it because it’s the wrong color or they don’t like how it smells!

Back to square one.


Or Maybe It's Like This...

Your doctor told you to eliminate 7 additional foods, so along with the special diet you've already got your kids on for their allergies you're not sure what's left to give them!

So what are you supposed to do now?


You've been wondering about whether food changes will make a difference. You're a little suspicious that they might be playing a role, but you're nervous to try changing things and are not sure which changes to even start with. 

Your doctors and therapists aren't sure or tell you not to bother. So you feel confused and uncertain.

There's A Solution To Help You Move Forward With Confidence

To use food to help your child while keeping your own sanity intact you need to surround yourself with the right support, stick to a system, and know exactly what you're looking for.

Until you do that, I guarantee you'll continue to feel overwhelmed.

Introducing the Resilience Roadmap

This 12 week on-line coaching program focuses on simple diet and lifestyle changes that make a profound difference to your child's health and behaviour. These are the same steps I have taken many families through to reduce symptoms of autism, anxiety, ADHD, aggression, & constipation. With this roadmap we stay strategic and systematic. We start simple and keep this manageable.

I'm Jess, And I'll Be Your Guide


I'm a mom of three, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, author, speaker and health coach specializing in children's nutrition. I'm also a former high school teacher.

I've been working with families for 20 years.

I have worked alongside Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Family Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, teachers and other health care professionals for 10 years, helping parents implement a nutrition strategy to help their kids calm down, learn better, have better sleep, have better poops, have more stable moods and get over their picky eating.

We go beyond diagnosis and use food & nourishment to support the overall health of the body so that it works better.

When we do that, troubling symptoms - from skin rashes to tantrums to anxiety and inattention - start to dissolve.

It's a process I call Raising Resilience.

At home I’m a parent, like you, just trying to keep all my balls in the air and raise a healthy family.


I've Learned Something Critical That Will Reduce Your Frustration While Improving Your Results.

It's A Radically Different Approach To Improving The Happiness & Success Of Your Kids And It's What Makes Parents In This Program So Successful...

The Key Is To Focus On Nourishment

Following The Resilience Roadmap You Will...

  • Learn what to add into the diet - particularly helpful foods and supplements that support growth, learning and emotional stability
  • Learn about the impact of the gut bugs that are such hot news today and how to leverage food to create and stabilize a healthy microbiome
  • Learn how to find and replace allergens & food irritants without feeling like you're depriving your kid or having to say "no" all the time
  • Make sense of testing options that can tell you more about the underlying drivers of your child's behaviour, moods & other symptoms; tests for things like for food allergy, hormones, gut health and deficiencies  
  • Gain insight into what is causing your picky eater's behaviour so you can stop pulling your hair out and find mealtime peace
  • Be surrounded by supportive parents just like you who are nourishing their kids, so you don't feel so alone.
  • Access an action plan that pulls all the latest research on food into practical strategy so you can stop wasting your time searching and wondering and spend more time connecting with your kid

The Resilience Roadmap Will Help You Nourish Your Child So They Feel Better & Get Healthier And Troubling Symptoms Can Start To Dissolve

When We Raise Resilience, We End Up With…

  • Kids who sleep better, focus better, communicate better, learn better, poop better and have more stable moods and behaviours
  • Parents who can relax, knowing exactly what drives their kids’ symptoms and behaviours and who have a toolbox of strategies to help
  • A sigh of relief for everyone who interacts with your child… so you and your kids can relax and enjoy each other more

"This is my 7 year old son. I knew that the changes we were making were making a difference when friends and family started commenting on how happy he was.

Sometimes it's hard to really see the changes when you're so immersed in the every day of it all, but then I see this and I see how happy and rested and joyful he is on a much more regular basis.

Diet changes, supplements, consistency....these have ultimately brought peace and joy to my son like we hadn't seen in years. It's hard - but it's so, so, so worth it.

Thank you Jess for your continued support and encouragement."

          - Jenna, course participant

The Resilience Roadmap Is A 12 Week On-Line Program: Here's How It Works...

THE CORE PROGRAM ($897 value)

  • Over the course of 12 weeks you'll receive 9 recorded modules that walk you through my unique methodology to help you get nourishment in and irritants out.
  • Lessons and action steps are delivered via pre-recorded audio and video and are accompanied by downloadable PDF handouts and recipe booklets. We keep things practical and focus you in on exactly what to do each week.
  • Content is stored in our on-line classroom and you also get your action steps delivered to you by email to keep you on track


  • We'll do this by video conference - one at the beginning, middle and end of the program to make sure your particular needs are being addressed and you stay focused


  • Every other week for 12 weeks we meet as a group via video conference for OFFICE HOURS where we highlight important pieces of program content and  troubleshoot to keep you moving forward. There are 6 office hour sessions over the course of 12 weeks, after which you can choose to join our alumni program for more support

RECIPES & FOOD IDEAS ($200 value)

  • A three-week meal plan along with 200+ recipes & meal ideas curated with busy parents in mind
  • Food lists itemizing the most nourishing foods for the brain and for growing children
  • Includes recipes that are free of dairy, gluten, refined sugar and chemicals, that are supportive of good blood sugar control and that provide nutrition for the growing brain

TOOLS ($200 value)

  • To help you expand your child's acceptance of new foods
  • To help you get more nourishment into your kids
  • To help you understand nutritional deficiencies
  • To help you teach your child about making healthy food choices

SUPPORT (priceless)

  • Real change is too hard to make in isolation so we come together in our private Facebook Community to connect. This is where you meet parents just like you and connect with Jess; we troubleshoot, gain clarity, vent, celebrate and keep each other moving forward.
  • You have unlimited access to this Facebook community, even beyond the 12 weeks of the course.

ALUMNI PROGRAM (optional add-on after course completion)

  • After our 12 weeks together, parents who want continued support and accountability can join our Alumni Program. The alumni program gives you continued access to the office hours along with emails and recipes to continue moving you towards the vision you have for your family's health. You can renew monthly as long as you need it.

Together We Will Address All Corners Of Your Child's Diet & Physical Health So You Will Know, Once And For All, That They're Getting Exactly What They Need.

To Ensure You Have All You Need To Support Your Child's Health, You Also Get....

Complete access to Our Resource Library. 

These are focused mini courses on food-related issues. 

Learn how foods & nutrients influence: Picky eating behaviour, Constipation & Diarrhea, Yeast overgrowth, Sleep problems, Brain function, Allergies. You also get protocols for The GAPS diet, Paleo (grain free) diet for kids, Elimination Diet, Failsafe diet (amines, glutamate, phenols)

$957 Value

Exclusive invitation to our livestream report from the International Symposium on Wheat Related Disorders

You will finally know exactly what to do about wheat & gluten based on the most up-to-date research. No more guessing!

$67 Value

Super Foods For Super Immune Health! 

Our SuperImmune Kids e-course is your guide to which foods & supplements are the best for building and boosting your child's immune system so they get sick less often, get better more quickly and stop getting so many infections! You get free access.

$97 Value

Basic Fermentation Workshop

Access to a recorded 45 minute workshop in which I walk you through the basics of how to make fermented foods like kefir, yogurt, water kefir, sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables. You'll learn about the differences, when to use them and how to feed them to your kids, starter cultures, potential hazards and will feel confident to bring this nutritional powerhouse into your life! 

$97 Value

Add In The Value Of The Coaching, Community, Accountability & On-Going Support,

And At THREE montly payments of $332.00 (CAD) This Clearly Becomes The Most Cost Effective Way To Get Exactly What You Need To Help Your Child Feel & Function Better.

If you wonder about the following types of questions, this program is for you...

How much sugar is too much?
Are there better sweeteners to use than others?

Did antibiotics contribute to the moods and behaviours and health struggles we’re seeing?
Does my child's gut health have anything to do with their behaviour and mood?
How much protein should my child be getting?

Should my Autistic child be on any special supplements?
What types of fats are best?
Should we be doing food sensitivity testing?

What supplements will help with focus and energy?
How do we figure out what’s causing my child’s constipation?
How do I stay motivated to stick to a healthy diet when there’s junk all around my kid?
How can I get my child to sleep better?
Which types of carbohydrates are good?
Should my child be on a low carb diet? GAPS diet? Paleo diet?
Should we be using a probiotic and if so which one?
What do I do if my child is refusing to eat the foods I prepare?
Which snacks are best and how often should I offer them?
How often should my child be eating?
How can I get my child to eat more vegetables?
Is gluten ok?

Is dairy ok?
What should I do at birthday parties and family gatherings?

I'll Be With You Every Step Of The Way So You Don't Get Lost, Confused Or Frustrated

Let’s Keep It Real.

All of us parents just want to see our kids grow healthy and happy. We want them to function their best, live their lives with confidence and experience success.

If your child is struggling right now - whether they have a diagnosis or not - let that be your call to action. It’s time to improve the health of their body using the tools you’ll find in the Resilience Roadmap, and set them on the road to success.

I created this program because parents like you need help now. You need a cost effective, efficient way to laser in on what’s most important - which is getting irritants out and nutrition in so your child can be healthy and become their best possible self.  

That's what Raising Resilience is all about.


Working With Food Is What You Can Start Doing RIGHT NOW To Help Your Child

Quality Guarantee

I stand by my work and have seen amazing turn-arounds when families apply the tools and insights offered in  Resilience Roadmap program.

But I want you spending your money on things that work for you. If you sign up and decide this program is not for you, you can apply for a full refund, minus the cost of any private consultations that have taken place, within 14 days of the course start. Just send customer service an email detailing exactly why you are unhappy with the course.

Let's Do This Together