It's Time For Strategic Action

Our Resilience Roadmap gives families a step-by-step plan to manage their child's Anxiety & related symptoms by easing stress from the inside out. 


When we understand our kids, we can help them

No more second-guessing, no more confusion, no more spinning your wheels. 

It's time for everyone to finally feel better. 

How Our Resilience Roadmap Works

Over Five Months We Work Together To Support Your Child's Unique Biology.


The Process...

As You Follow Our Resilience Roadmap You'll Gain Deep Insight Into Your Child's Body So You Know Exactly How To Help Them Feel Calmer, More Focused, And Happier 

Overheard In Our Coaching Calls

"He used to be angry, sad, anxious, aggressive and grumpy"


"This is my 7 year old son. I knew that the changes we were making were making a difference when friends and family started commenting on how happy he was.

Sometimes it's hard to really see the changes when you're so immersed in the every day of it all, but then I see this and I see how happy and rested and joyful he is on a much more regular basis.

Diet changes, supplements, consistency....these have ultimately brought peace and joy to my son like we hadn't seen in years. It's hard - but it's so, so, so worth it.

Thank you Jess for your continued support and encouragement."

          - Jenna, participant

Our Roadmap Includes


1. Private Support

To create your personalized Strategy Map and periodically review your progress 

2. Weekly Implementation Coaching & Group Support

Done on Zoom and Facebook as a group to keep you on track, working towards your goals

3. Digital Resources

To work through on your own to deepen your knowledge and understanding of your child (includes 300+ recipes & handouts!)

 Our Roadmap combines the power of group support with one-on-one strategy sessions and functional testing to ease your child's stress from the inside out.

Here's How It Works...


Families work through digital material that covers how to use food, supplements, and parenting strategies to help kids feel more calm and at ease (recipes included!).


We meet privately to develop your personalized strategy map and establish starting points so you can focus your energy 


We connect you with functional lab tests to assess what is keeping your child stuck and stressed. Tests are video reviewed so you understand exactly what they mean and can share results with kids and other parents if you want to.


We figure out an individualized plan that feels do-able and meet periodically for protocol reivew sessions.


We invite you to weekly group implementation calls and periodic implementation challenges so you feel well supported.


We open access to our masterclass vault so you can learn from other experts and better understand your kids and the resources available to help them.


We start a limited number of families each month. Would you like to grab a spot?

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Here's More Of What Our Roadmap Families Are Experiencing...

"I'm So Proud! Big Improvements..."

"I'm blown away... she's loving life!"

"Very few violent outbursts!"

"Stress-Free the night before school starts!"

"I see a light at the end of the tunnel!"

"I finally see my sweet little boy!"

"Profound shifts!"

"The kids are engaged and happy! Decision fatigue is gone!"

"Our son feels empowered. Our home is much calmer."

"Significant progress in three months!"

"Last year this kind of recovery would have been impossible for him!"


As you follow our Roadmap you will understand your child so you know exactly what to do to help them and in what order to do it.


As you follow your personalized plan you'll also learn from these amazing experts from recorded sessions in our masterclass vault... 

Learning Disabilities Re-defined

Missed factors that contribute to struggles in school with Lorraine Driscoll, educational therapist

The Biology Of Trauma

The nutritional missing links for prevention and treatment of trauma with Dr Aimie Apigian MD


The impact of single nucleotide polymorphism (aka SNPs or genetic variants) on behavior, learning and mood, along with nutritional workarounds with Dr Erika Gray PharmD

PANS, PANDAS, Lyme & More

The impact of infection on mood and behavior with Dr Zendi Moldenhaur,  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PhD, NPP, PNP

Somatic Experiencing

How to quickly find calm when faced with stress with Dr Aimie Apigian MD

Setting Your Kids Up For School Success

How you can help your kids particularly if they struggle with executive function, organization, memory and attention (and whether they're schooling traditionally or at home) with educational therapist Lorraine Driscoll

Drainage & Detox

How to lower your child's stress load by using safe and effective supplements that support the body's natural detoxification pathways with Dr Jesse Pierce ND

Essential Oils For Mood & Health

How to use essential oils to regulate the nervous system and promote better sleep, bowel health, detox and stress response with Jodi Cohen, CEO of Vibrant Blue Oils

Brain & Sensory Integration With Rhythmic Movement

How simple movements can support your child's mood, behaving and learning by integrating body and brain with Sonia Story, CEO of MovePlayThrive

Practical Tips For Living Toxin Free With Kids 

with Tonya Harris, Author of Slightly Greener

Using Herbs To Connect, Nourish and Heal. 

with herbalist, Jennifer Gillean

You've Got Questions, I'm Sure!

We start a limited number of families each month.
Would you like to grab a spot?

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