Strategy Sheet:

How To Talk With Family & Friends About The Food Choices You've Made For Your Family

So you keep your cool, avoid conflict, & can get down to the business of building your child's health


This strategy sheet will help you get fully prepared for those frustrating conversations. You'll get:
  • Main talking points to focus on so you don't get flustered
  • Pitfalls to avoid so your conversation stays productive & constructive
  • A script you can modify so you're not starting from scratch
  • An invite to our Facebook Community so you can ask questions & get support as you raise physically and mentally resilient kids!

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I'm Jess. Author of Raising Resilience, chief cheerleader of The Raising Resilience Community and creator of The Resilience Roadmap nutrition coaching program for parents.

Yup, as you can tell, it's my mission to help parents like you raise healthy, resilient kids by finding simple ways to nourish them deeply (even if they're picky!)

For over 10 years I have worked alongside Doctors, Psychologists, Therapists, Teachers and parents to bring the power of good nutrition into treatment plans for kids who struggle with mental health, learning, and behavior issues.

Challenging conversations will happen when you enter into a process of change. There will be people who don't get you, who challenge you, who sabotage your efforts. You need concrete strategies so you can move through these challenges because if they turn into conflict, it's your child who loses out. 

From this starting point I'll invite you on an amazing journey to harness the power of food to support your child's learning, mood, behavior, skin, sleep  and overal health. I'll show you practical strategies for getting more nourishment into your kids so they can grow into their best possible selves.

Take this one small step to learn how to manage challenging conversations... even if right now change feels impossible.


How To Talk With Family & Friends About Your Food Choices Without Conflict

I'll send over talking points and a script along with an invite to our Facebook Community so you can ask questions. By submitting this form you consent to receiving email from Jess Sherman


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