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As soon as you purchase we will purchase the test kits for you. The lab will not refund us and we can not refund you.

We cannot assist with insurance claims or claim resolution for laboratory tests.

After you purchase this package, completing the test is your responsibility. No refunds will be given if you can't complete the sample collection (a hair sample and optional stool sample add-on).

All sessions included in this package are valid for 5 months. It is your responsibility to get test samples in promptly so we can get results back and help you. 

If there are unforeseen delays we will honor our responsibility to review your labs for a period of up to 8 months. After that time a rebooking fee will apply for any sessions that have not been booked. 

Our coaches are not doctors; we can not and do not diagnose or treat any type of condition. 

We are wellness educators trained in Functional Nutrition, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition, and other modalities who have specific experience with, passion for, and training in working with families and children.

We're here to help you find the right diet, supplement, parenting, and lifestyle plan to help your child become their best but we can not replace medical advice. 

Would you like to add an assessment of your child's gut function? When an athlete overtrains without proper recovery they often experience gut dysfunction. With this add-on we'll send you a GI MAP comprehensive stool analysis test kit and complete a review for you including recommendations for better gut health and digestion.

Due to lab restrictions beyond our control, this option is NOT available in the following states: NY, NJ, or Rhode Island.

Your credit card will be charged $499 USD for the add-on (includes the test kit and review).

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Fuel Your Athlete

Help your child improve performance without sacrificing their health

** The package requires you collect a sample of your child's hair 

** Available worldwide but if you live outside the US you will need to pay for shipping back to the lab

** The GI MAP add-on is not available in NY, NJ, or Rhode Island due to shipping restrictions that are beyond our control

This Package Includes:

  • 2 x mineral analysis test kits (hair sample to be taken at home)
  • Optional gut assessment (add-on)
  • Initial consultation with your coach focused on optimizing nutrition for your young athlete
  • Recipe pack of meal and snack ideas for optimal nutrition including pre-post workout, hydration, and game-day recommendations
  • Recorded video review of your initial nutrient profile results including a recording for your athlete so they understand what they need to do
  • Customized recommendations
  • A second video test review 4 months after the first to gage progress
  • One follow-up consultation
  • Access to our Professional-grade supplements portal

How It Works

This test is offered through our Kids Wellness Clinic. Your coach will be Tina Jackson.


Purchase the Fuel Your Athlete coaching package.


Check your email for a link to book your initial call. This call will focus on initial steps and diet recommendations


Watch for your test kits to arrive in the mail and submit ONE of the hair samples following the instructions. If you added on the gut assessment also submit your child's stool sample.


When the results are in you'll be notified via email and will be sent a video review of the results along with customized recommendations based on the results. You can ask your coach questions via email if needed.


Four months after your start date we will remind you to submit the second hair mineral test kit. We do this so we can gauge progress.


When the second set of results are in you'll be notified via email and will be sent a video review of the results along with customized recommendations


At that time you will be offered a link to book a follow-up session with your coach

Before purchasing, please read the terms and conditions.

If anything strange happens connect with us at [email protected]