Your Child's Immune System Is Their Secret Weapon For Resilient Health.

Is your child's immune system well nourished?

Strong Nutrition Builds SuperImmune Kids

And SuperImmune Kids...

  • Get sick less often
  • Get better more quickly
  • Avoid secondary infections
  • Stay out of emergency rooms and doctor offices
  • Miss less school
  • Enjoy more resilient health, now and for a lifetime
Yes! I Want To Learn How To Nourish My Child's Immune System!

In The SuperImmune Kids e-Course You Will Learn About...


Which foods and nutrients support  immune building and immune boosting and how to get them into your kids

Home Remedies

How to set up your home medicine cabinet with herbs, tinctures, vitamins and foods so you're ready for anything


What to feed your kids when they get sick for a speedier recovery and when to call in the doctor (includes recipes!)


Which ones really help and which ones are garbage so you don't waste your money

Nourishing The Immune System Helps Your Child  Enjoy Good Health All Year 'round

And Helps You Feel Confident And Prepared When You Need To Be

You Need This Resource If...

Your child catches every little thing that's going around and you're tired of missing so much school and work

You want an alternative to (or complement to) the flu shot

Your child too often gets a secondary infection (like pneumonia) when they get sick

Your child gets frequent headaches or has a stuffy nose or cough that just won't seem to go away

Your parenting tingle tells you their immune system isn't up to snuff (that tingle is usually right!)

You're sick and tired of everyone being so sick and tired

Here's Exactly What's Included in The SuperImmune Kids e-Course...

Module 1: An introduction to the immune system and how to support it

  • 8:16 video + text and summary handout;
  • learn about our first and second lines of defence along with the impact of nutrients
  • includes and overview of 'soft' signs/symtpoms that indicate a comprimized immune system and what to do about them

Module 2: Nutrients and Superfoods for stronger immune health 

  • 5:19 video presentation + text
  • top immune builders, immune boosters, immune modulators along with antiviral and antibacterial herbs and when to use each
  • foods that are particularly immune-supportive

Module 3: Top supplement recommnedations 

  • 10:48 video presentation + text
  • Includes recommended brands

Module 4: Feeding your kids when they're sick

  • 2:55 video presentation
  • Includes recipe packet (superimmune jello, smoothies, tonics, teas, broths to keep them hydrated and nourished)

Module 5: Other ways to support immune health 

  • 7:22 video presentation + text
  • Moving beyond food 
  • The impact of digestive health and top tips to get started improving it

Module 6: Cooking demonstrations

  • coconut water kefir
  • elderberry syrup
  • DIY green superfood
  • Perfect bone broth


How To Set Up Your Home Medicine Cabinet & When To Seek Help

A 48 minute webinar presentation & conversation with Dr Jenn Keller, ND covering herbs, homeopathics, foods and other supportive measures plus advice on when to seek medical help

You get instant access to all the content as soon as you register and can work through it at your own pace

I'm Jess and I'll Be Your Guide

I'm a mom of three, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, author, speaker and health coach specializing in children's nutrition. I'm also a former high school teacher.

I've been working with families for 20 years.

I have worked alongside Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Family Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, teachers and other health care professionals for 10 years, helping parents implement a nutrition strategy to help their kids enjoy more resilient health.

We use food & nourishment to support the overall health of the body so that it works better. When we do that, troubling symptoms - from skin rashes to tantrums to anxiety and infection - start to dissolve.

At home I’m a parent, like you, just trying to keep all my balls in the air and raise a healthy family.

It's Time To Start Getting Strategic With Food

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each to see the answer

Sure! You can ask questions to clarify the content right inside the classroom. But this is not a coaching program, it is an information resource meant to help you understand the connection between nutrition and immune health. You'll have what you need here to get started with some basic supplements and foods. If it's a more detailed, individualized plan you want, you'll want to check out my Resilience Roadmap coaching program. 

The health of the digestive system is important to consider for long term, resilient immune health. It is not the focus of this course but it is discussed. Working on digestion is a longer project - we do that in our 12 week coaching program, The Resilience Roadmap

No. This is an information resource, not a coaching program. But it will give you a strong start so your child can get stick less often and better more quickly. If it's a comprenensive plan you want, please check out our Resilience Roadmap - that is our 12 week course which covers what we cover here plus a whole heck of a lot more.

This course is a digital course. Everything is hosted online. Once you register you will get directions on how to access the Onlline classroom where everything is stored. You can watch the videos there and download the PDF files to your computer

This digital resource is non refundable.

Nope! You have access for as long as you need it (or until I take it down, but you'll be notified in that case and will be able to download everything. I have no plans to do that). If ever I update the course with new material (I often do that) you will be notified of the updates.


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