Natural Support For Bloat, Belly Pain, Constipation & Gut Problems in Kids

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"What's Up With My Kid's Gut?!"


Super frustrating, I know!

You feel like you've tried All The Things but still, your child is plugged up, in pain, and not digesting their food well! 


They say, "just drink more water".
But you've tried!

They say, "they should eat more fruit and veggies".
But they won't eat them!

They say, "just keep giving the laxative".
But for months? Years?

They say, "it's because they're stressed".
But they've gone to therapy!

"What's up??!!!!"

Listen, I've worked with a lot of kids, and I'll tell you this:
POOPING WELL is something your child needs to be doing in order to experience good health.

That means they need to deliver a solid, well-formed poop to the toilet 1-3 times a day.

I think you realize pooping is a non-negotiable.

But it's time for a fresh approach to gut health in kids, don't you think?


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Not only does poor gut health cause belly pain,
but it might also be contributing to... 

Skin issues
like acne or eczema or excessive itchiness

Pickiness around food or food refusal

Mood instability like anxiety and depression

Waking at night or poor sleep in general

Irritability and poor focus at school

Blood sugar instability, weight gain, and sugar cravings


Persistent nausea or intermittent vomiting

Sluggish immune health (aka getting sick all the time)


Poop is a big deal!! Because getting the poop out is like taking out the garbage.

Could you imagine the chaos in your home if you never took out the garbage???


So let's get to the bottom of it - break the cycle, and get the garbage out, shall we?


Finding a real solution for your child starts with asking the right questions. 

Here are 7 things that could be upsetting your child's gut... 

1. Their food is not being fully digested and is causing inflammation in the gut. 

Solution: figure out where the breakdown is and support better digestion from tip to tail

2. Certain bacteria have overgrown in the gut 

Solution: run a stool test to figure out whether this imbalance has occured and use specific herbs and probiotics strategically to restore order to the ecosystem

3. A parasite or infection is slowing motility and interfering with absorption

Solution: same as above

4. Excessive stress hormones are influencing motility

Solution: Use foods and nutrients to support the nervous system so the gut can regulate

5. Certain nutrients like fiber, magnesium, or zinc which are needed for good digestive function are lacking (did you know zinc is needed for stomach acid and just about every digestive enzyme??)

Solution: Bring more nutrition into the diet and use supplements when needed

6. They are dehydrated

Solution: Find creative ways to get more water into them AND get more minerals in too so that water gets into cells where it's needed instead of just being peed out

7. Certain foods (and additives) are fuelling the fire in the gut (aka feeding inflammation)

Solution: Run a food elimination trial and/or sensitivity test to see which foods might be fueling the fire while you work on solution #1. Simpler still, just take out gluten and dairy and cut back on sugar to see if it helps... I know, easier said than done, but it's worth it!

There could be other reasons... but this is a good start, right?


So Here's What I'm Dreaming Up...



A holistic approach to better poops for kids.


This is for you if...

  • You have a child aged 2-18 who doesn't poop well and you want to avoid or get them off of harsh laxatives.
  • You want a partner to help you figure out what's really interfering with good digestive health. 
  • You think you might want access to stool testing so you know what's going on in your child's gut.

  • You want to learn simple ways to support better digestion in your kids.
  • You've heard about things like magnesium, slippery elm, senna and other natural ways to get the bowels moving but want some guidance on how to use that stuff with kids safely. 
  • You're not sure if taking out certain foods might help but are willing to consider some diet changes if there's a good reason to.

  • You're comfortable talking about poop!


Let's figure out what's messing with your child's digestion!

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Hey I'm Jess Sherman. I'll be your guide. 

I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition. I'm also the author of Raising Resilience, and mom of three.

For over 20 years I've been teaching parents how to support the mental and physical health of their kids. Plus, I know what it means to be a busy mom who just wants her kids to be healthy. 

I've studied a number of different therapeutic diets that can help digestion like GAPS, Paleo, low FODMAPs and more, and I use that insight along with my training in functional testing and the developing nervous system to help kids feel happier and more settled.

Getting your kids pooping better is foundational for better health and the goal of Gut Check is to help you figure out what's going on "down there" so you can stop shooting in the dark. So let's do this!

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