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To optimize your child's brain, body, mood & behavior 

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The Resilience Roadmap

Our unique, systematic, research-based action plan to help your child focus, learn and better handle stress using nutritional and natural strategies.

We work together to identify and address the underlying contributors to your child's ADHD, aggression, anxiety, along with the digestive, sleep, picky eating and skin problems that often come along.

The program includes written and recorded material, recipe books, live coaching calls, 1:1 strategy sessions.

It's the best way I can support you.


Information Resources

The Trifecta For Resilient Health Digital Resource Bundle

This is for: Parents of kids who don't eat, sleep or poop well, and who want some natural solutions!

Eating, sleeping and pooping are so important to your child's health & resilience that I call them The Foundational Trifecta For Resilient Health.

This option bundles THREE digital resources together:

  • The Parent's Guide To Feeding Picky Eaters;
  • Getting Your Child To Sleep;
  • Better Bellies (natural solutions to consiptation/diarrhea)

All material is delivered digitally immediately upon purchase. This is an information resource, not a coaching program.

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Better Bellies

This is for: parents who want natural strategies for their child's tummy pain, constipation & diarrhea.

You'll learn the most common contributors, along with food, lifestyle and supplement strategies that can help.


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Targeted Nutrition For The Brain

This is for: parents who want to learn more about the impact of nutrients on their child's behavior and mood but are not yet ready for a full coaching program or plan.

You'll learn the most important dietary factors that influence your child's brain health & function, we discuss super foods and nutrients, helpful supplements and amino acids, the impact of blood sugar and digestive health.

Includes references to research and a recipe packet. This is an information resource to help you make some decisions. It is not a coaching program.

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