If You're Doing Everything You Can Think Of 
And Your Child's Still Anxious & Stressed 

Let Me Show You How To Turn That Around...


Calm & Clear Kids™ gives you a functional nutrition plan
to help your child feel better, 
without requiring major life changes 

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Your hunch is right!!!

Nutrition can help your child feel & function better.

But translating a good idea into real results can feel frustrating.

If you're like most parents, you're maxed out. You want desperately to help your kids but you're too exhausted to learn anything new and you're out of patience (or close to it!).

The key to success is to stay strategic and systematic. That way you keep things positive and helpful, rather than stressful and frustrating.

('cause otherwise what's the point, right?) 


Calm & Clear Kids Gives You A No-Stress, Strategic Plan, + Action Steps So You're Efficient With Your Resources


CCK Is Perfect For...

Parents who need strategy and quick wins that don't require a ton of work.

Parents who are figuring this out on their own but would appreciate shortcuts 

Parents who have done a bit of research but don't have time (or energy) to sift through the hours of webinars they've collected and stored on their computers.

Families who are working with an integrative doctor and want more guidance on how the nutrition piece fits in

Parents who just want to know what to do today to help their kids feel better.



CCK Is Not Perfect For...

Parents who want a personalized plan

Parents who know their child needs a customized therapeutic-type diet

Parents who want to access functional testing

Parents who want hand-holding, coaching, and accountability 



  Here's What You'll Learn In CCK:

  • Which foods support better brain health & calmer moods and how to get them into your kids (recipes included)
  • What foods to consider pushing out, how to decide if you should and how to do it without having to say "no" all the time

  • What to do about sugar (but let's be practical)
  • The 3 things to focus on to ease anxiety, aggression, ADHD symptoms without relying on medication so you can stop wondering what you should be doing and in what order

  • Top supplements I've seen help and how to choose them (add a private session if you want a specific plan)
  • How to stay systematic when using a natural approach and the correct order to do things in so you feel less frustrated and are set up for better success

  • The top 4 success hacks to set in place before you start so you can do this with less stress 

  • How to tackle gluten and when you might want to
  • Which functional tests can help accelerate progress and how to decide if they're worth the money

   We Include:

  • The Calm & Clear Kids Recipe Booklet of simple yet nourishing food ideas

  • Workbook & Strategy sheets to keep you organized 

   You'll Become:

  • Strategic
  • Focused
  • Clear
  • Unstuck


Our Calm & Clear Kids™ Program Introduces You To A Whole Child, Natural Approach To Less Anxiety & More Stability Without You Having To Commit To Major Family Changes.


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** Yup! There are THREE BONUSES To Accelerate Your Progress ** 

For a limited time you can access the following Calm & Clear Kids Bonus Pack


** BONUS AUDIO MODULE:  Six Amino Acid Supplements That Can Quickly & Safely Stabilize Mood & improve Sleep. Includes instructions for exactly how to decide which one is best and how to use them safely. (Ummm... by the way, amino acids can be extremely effective at helping you gain the energy and focus you need to help your kids. So if you're feeling overwhelmed and doubtful and scared you'll learn in this bonus module some powerful strategies to get yourself unstuck) 


** BONUS RECORDED SESSION: 5 Success Tips To Gain Buy-In & Avoid Conflict.  You'll be able to use these 5 strategies right away to construct conversations with spouses, teachers, doctors and your kids that leave you feeling excited rather than exhausted. This is priceless if you're trying to make changes nobody understands but you.

** BONUS E-BOOK:  The Smoothie Blueprint will help you teach your kids to make nourishing, simple smoothies & shakes. Includes graphics for your fridge so your kids can confidently whip one up for a snack on their own (maybe with a little guidance)!


Learn Exactly What To Focus on,

What To Avoid,

And What Steps To Take To Help Your Child Feel & Function Better

Value: $600  

Now $297 

With optional Private Strategy Session add-on 


You'll have immediate access and all the time you need to walk through this recorded program.

No stress, no pressure.

You're busy so we kept the material bite-sized, to-the-point, and action focused.


You'll have strategies you can use right away, and you can kiss all the confusion and guess work goodbye!

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You Can Do This... my guarantee

We break this process down into a series of specific action-steps I have seen bring about some amazing turn-arounds in kids.

Breaking it down into action steps keeps this manageable.



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Value: $600  

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