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You Have A Vision For Your Family's Health

So it can be soul-crushing when your child starts experiencing BIG feelings you're not sure how to help them with.


  • You've tried parenting strategies or invested in therapies that help a little but leave you feeling exhausted and don't know what else to try?
  • You’ve talked with teachers but they've stretched their resources and can't handle your child.
  • You've tried a few natural things like food changes and supplements but you don't think they really helped... (though you like the idea that they could!).
  • You want to avoid medications and opt for natural strategies if you can but haven’t been able to stick with anything for long or find something that works.
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At the end of the day you’re tired, discouraged and overwhelmed.
need a plan to help your child that is do-able.

Yup! I Want This Plan. Skip Me Right To The Details

Clear & Calm Kids is an online course for worried parents of anxious kids
who want to reduce reliance on  medications 

We'll give you natural tactics
and a stepwise plan to transform the family chaos into connection & calm by nourishing your child’s brain and easing their mind from the inside out.


I promise we’ll get to the details, but first let’s be clear
about who this course is for. 

If your child experiences…

Racing brain
Low Energy

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been given a diagnosis

I Think I Need This!



I have a little secret to let you in on...

It’s something your average doctor, teacher, or therapist doesn’t even know. 

But along with emotional skills, social support, educational plans, and positive parenting, your child also needs strong biological resources to feel more clear and calm.

That means the right nutrition is key for helping children get out of their own way so they can thrive!

I’m Jess Sherman, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition. I say this with authority because I also used to be a teacher. 

As teachers, we brought in all the creative strategies to help struggling kids but all too often hit a ceiling. Now I know it was because we had overlooked the connection between how kids feel in their bodies and how they behave, function, and learn.

Working From The Inside Out Means...

Helping your child feel better in their body so they feel better in their mind using nutrition as the main tool.

When we work from the inside-out we not only help your child feel better, we also help them experience life in a whole new way. 


I can’t wait for you to join me in this online course for parents…

Calm & Clear Kids

Leverage the power of nutrition to help your kids feel calm, secure, & at ease so life can settle down. 


Here's a sneak peak at what's inside...



      What You'll Learn In CCK:

Set Yourself Up for Success

How many times have you optimistically tried out a new tactic with your kids —only to find yourself back in the same frustrating patterns in a matter of days?

The only way to break this cycle of trial and failure is to get crystal clear on your STRATEGY. 

In module one, you’ll create your big picture vision and plan. You’ll learn where to focus your energy and in what order to do things. 

This includes:

  • 4 simple hacks to lay the groundwork for success 
  • 3 places to focus your energy (so you can stop trying all the things!)
  • The correct order to do things for less stress and faster results

PLUS strategy sheets to help you get organized!


Give Them What They’re Missing

You know your child needs nutrition, but getting the right foods into them is another story, right? 

In module two, you’ll get practical tactics on WHICH foods and nutrients are particularly helpful for the brain and HOW to get your kids to eat the  foods that will support better moods, learning, and behavior. 

And when diet just isn’t enough? You’ll learn how to choose supplements to fill in the gaps. 

This module includes:

  • How to fuel kids for energy and focus
  • Leveraging the magic of micronutrients
  • Supplements that can help the nervous system 
  • What to do when things don’t go exactly as planned 

PLUS the Calm & Clear Kids Recipe Booklet of simple yet nourishing meal ideas that are great for the brain.


Identify & Remove the Triggers

Most kids will choose the sweets, bread, and crackers whenever given the chance. How can you keep saying no?

In module three, you’ll learn which foods are most important to remove, how to decide if you should, and how to do it without being the bad guy. 

We’ll even cover how to handle sugar (but let’s be practical!) and what to do about gluten (it's not the devil... but it does deserve some consideration). 

This module includes:

  • How to identify the worst irritants for your child
  • Striking a balance with sugar
  • Making sense of food hype and fads
  • What's the deal with gluten and dairy

PLUS an Implementation Workbook to keep you focused and on track and an overview of Lab Tests that can accelerate your progress and when's the best time to use them.


Now What? Moving Forward & Gaining Momentum

Fact is, YOU are the CEO of your family's health. But do you feel confident in that role?

You'll learn how to stay strategic so you can become the confident CEO of your family's health as they grow!


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What Families Have Said

"CCK really helped me with the framework of how to approach adding more nutrients in without stirring up conflict.
I feel more confident about how to approach changes and have more energy as a mom!"

~ Katie, mom of 2


"Jess has been a god-sent to me and my children. She has given me confidence and I am now able to connect dots, identify triggers and treat the causes of our symptoms rather than mask them. Jess's expertise goes far beyond nutrition."

~ Danielle, mom of 3. 


"I was weak, weary, and exhausted, but now I know what I need to do in the grocery store to meet my goals."

~ Shannon, Mom of 7. 


"Your insight into nutrition and behavior have been life changing for us and a big part of our increased capacity as parents"
~ Marie, Mom of 3 
"Thank you so much for your guidance and knowledge!!! I We have a path forward toward healing vs chasing symptoms with prescriptions and guessing at what is going on!"
~ Lori, Mom of 2


"I love your framework concept. I feel like I am finally building my foundation blocks to understanding this new world of nutrition and parenting. It's been so complicated to figure that out all by myself but now listening to CCK I see a light at the end of the tunnel and feel so hopeful!"
~ Tara, mom of 3


** To be sure you get results as quickly as possible, we’ve added this incredible bundle of bonuses for a limited time. ** 



BONUS 1: The Smoothie Blueprint

($45 value)

Teach your kids to make nourishing smoothies and shakes! This e-book includes smoothie ideas and graphics to post on the fridge so that children can learn how to whip up a smoothie for breakfast or a snack on their own (or maybe with just a little guidance!). 


BONUS 2: The C.A.I.S.E. Method Masterclass

($97 value)

Feel like a lone wolf committed to your child’s nutrition and health? If you’re hitting roadblocks from a spouse, teachers, doctors, or anybody else—this masterclass is for you. You’ll learn 5 simple steps to avoid conflict and gain buy-in from even the toughest objectors. 


CCK Value: $797  

One Easy Payment Of $197 


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Imagine having a child who feels calm & clear. 

It’s not only your child who will benefit.

You know you'll feel better as a parent and so will your entire family. 

Benefits for Kids

  • More confidence
  • Better friendships
  • Easier time at school
  • Clearer attention and focus
  • More energy
  • Sounder sleep
  • Happier mood

Showing up as the incredible kid they are!

Benefits for Parents

  • Confident parenting
  • Stronger family connections
  • Easier conversations
  • Better control
  • Calmer home
  • Less worry
  • More enjoyment

Watching your child thrive!


I Want This!

You Can Do This... my guarantee

I believe in no-stress strategic solutions that work. 

I may have advanced degrees in functional nutrition, a master's in education, and a handful of other certifications and awards. But I'm also a mom. I know exactly what it’s like to live in the everyday reality of trying to put nutrition ideals into practical action. 

I’ve purposely structured this course for busy parents who already feel overwhelmed. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you like. The end goal is to empower you with a plan to use nutrition to nourish your child’s mind and mood. 

I know you can do this, and I’ll be here cheering you on!


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The smartest parents always have questions…

Frequently Asked Qs

Ready for a happier child and calmer home?

Let’s review what you get… 

Calm & Clear Kids

Leverage the power of nutrition to help your kids feel more calm, secure, & at ease so life can settle down. 

 4 Strategic Modules to Guide Your Natural Plan

 15 Quick-to-Consume Recorded Lessons outlining foods, supplements, and strategies that help quickly 

 Written Transcripts of all Lessons 

 Strategy Sheets & Workbooks To Keep You Organized

 The Calm & Clear Kids Recipe Booklet of Simple, Healthy, Brain-Boosting Food Ideas

Bonus 1: The Smoothie Blueprint (PDF)
(to pack in nourishment efficiently)

 Bonus 2: The C.A.I.S.E. Method Recorded Masterclass
(to construct positive conversations)

($797 Value)

One Easy Payment of 



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