The Resilience Roadmap 
Over 5 months we walk you through our practical & systematic functional nutrition plan to help your child feel and function their best  

If your child is  struggling with 

Mood, Learning, Behavior, or Developmental Difficulties

 and you feel like there's gotta be something you can do other than medication

You're like the families following our Roadmap.


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Your child's a good kid but they're getting pigeonholed...

... that kid who gets in trouble,

... that kid who's shy and quiet (or loud and needy),

... that kid who's slow to learn, 

... that kid who can't pay attention,

... that kid who's overly sensitive,

... that kid who hits and lies,

... that kid who can't get motivated

If you're like the parents I work with, you worry about the future, it breaks your heart that they're struggling to keep friends, you're exhausted and overwhelmed and aren't sure what to focus on.  

Is medication the answer? You'll do it if you have to, but you want to know all your options and be sure their health is fully supported.

You like the idea of a natural approach but wonder if it could really work. I mean, you tried taking out gluten and adding a few supplements, but it didn't help.

It's exhausting trying things that don't work. 

If this rings true for you, let's get you unstuck...  

Over 5 months we'll show you simple ways to get nourishment in, irritants out, and uncover hidden stressors so you can improve the mood, learning, health, behavior & happiness of your children and they can experience the success & happiness you want for them.

And there is NEVER going to be a better time to figure this out than Right Now, before they get pigeonholed even further

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Some "Friday Wins" From Families Following Our Roadmap...

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I'm Jess. Here's How I Got Here...

Four years into my clinical nutrition practice I sat with a mom named Sarah...

We were in my clinic office and she was describing how her 8 year old son Tom was slipping away from her. 

Tom was getting more aggressive. He was hitting kids at school. He was hitting her. He was angry, and in pain.

"It just seems like he can't slow down, turn off, know what's appropriate and when, you know?" she told me.

Tom had few friends, several tics, he was anxious. 

He wasn't sleeping well, had itchy skin, was alarmingly skinny and he was so picky with food that the family couldn't eat together anymore. 

The school year was looming; she could expect phone calls home, early pickups, meetings... Tom hated everything about school.

"Taking him to school feels like throwing him to the wolves," she told me.

Something needed to change. And quick before his self esteem dissolved further.

They considered medication, but that didn't sit right as a first strategy. They wanted to know their options. 

So Sarah and I got to work, figuring out what hidden stressors were making it hard for Tom to cope, and which diet, supplements and functional tests would be the most helpful.

What I learned from Tom changed the course of my career. 

When I learned about the impact of nutrients, stress, genes, trauma, food and gut health on the brain, mood and behavior my mind was blown wide open to new possibilities for helping kids.

I left a career as a high school teacher about a decade ago on a hunch we could help kids like Tom without relying so much on medication.

It was while studying nutrition that I learned why our creative teaching strategies hit a ceiling with so  many kids. It was because we had completely overlooked the powerful ways we can help kids feel better  so they can function better (and function better so they can feel better!)

Since then I've worked alongside Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors, Family Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, and teachers helping parents like Sarah implement nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help kids like Tom calm down, learn better, have better sleep & skin, have better poops, have more stable moods and get over their picky eating…. regardless of diagnosis.

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 When Your Child Is Healthy, They Can Do Anything 

As We Worked Together, Tom's Parents Learned...

  • Tom had a better day when he had more fibre in the morning
  • If he ate dairy he would get explosive 
  • He would have a rough day at school if he didn't poop in the morning  
  • Gluten made him tired
  • Dairy made him itchy
  • When we got him to sleep faster at night he was a different kid in the morning
  • Mold in the home was keeping him from getting better
  • Fish oil and magnesium were helpful but B-vitamins made him restless
  • Clostridia in his gut was making it hard for him to regulate his hormones and was interfering with his sleep
  • Low stomach acid was why he felt nausea when he ate meat and was becoming deficient in iron


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Because they understood him better his parents could support him better. They were able to get him the nutrients he needed and work through challenges head on, instead of getting frustrated with him. 

Because they could support him better they could enjoy time together, go to restaurants, family gatherings, birthday parties - without worrying about Tom getting overstimulated and angry. 

They could come together for calmer family  meals, start teaching him about making choices and share each other’s company. 

Tom spent fewer sick days at home which meant more peace of mind for his parents.

There were no more notes from school or early pickups due to tummy pain or disruption.

Their fights and decisions about medication were barely a concern anymore.

He was making friends. 

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Like most of the kids we work with, Tom was bright and highly sensitive.

After 1 month of supporting his health, the tics were gone and the moodiness was softened. His teachers were wondering what happened.

After 3 months following our Roadmap his parents finally understood the biological forces making it hard for Tom to cope, and he was sleeping better and was happier and calmer.

After 5 months peace had returned to the home and the entire family dynamic was more calm, connected and positive.

Our Resilience Roadmap gives parents tools to help their kids grow into their best self

 Introducing The Resilience Roadmap. 

It's a Roadmap to a happier, healthier child for the parent who is done feeling exhausted, confused & overwhelmed, and wants a research-based, trauma-informed, practical, holistic action plan to support their child's mood, behavior, learning & health that doesn't rely on medication.  

The Resilience Roadmap Offers You...

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A Comprehensive Nutrition Plan

Food Strategies, recipes & a custom supplement plan to nourish your child, saving you time and energy and all that second guessing. Finally know how to get your child's nutritional needs met.

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Functional Lab Tests

In conjunction with our medical partners we use functional lab tests when needed to uncover hidden stressors and highlight powerful healing opportunities. We might look at the microbiome, genetics, nutrient balance, and more to customize our plan.

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Community Support & Coaching

Consistent support is the best way to improve health so we combine the power of group coaching with 1:1 strategy sessions so you always have accountability and a lifeline of support when you're feeling stuck or challenged.

We Stay Strategic & Systematic; We Start Simple But Go Deep.

Together we uncover hidden stress while deeply nourishing your child. 

"He used to be angry, sad, anxious, aggressive and grumpy"

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"This is my 7 year old son. I knew that the changes we were making were making a difference when friends and family started commenting on how happy he was.

Sometimes it's hard to really see the changes when you're so immersed in the every day of it all, but then I see this and I see how happy and rested and joyful he is on a much more regular basis.

Diet changes, supplements, consistency....these have ultimately brought peace and joy to my son like we hadn't seen in years. It's hard - but it's so, so, so worth it.

Thank you Jess for your continued support and encouragement."

          - Jenna, course participant

We'll Work Through The Roadmap Over 16-20 Weeks.

Here's How It Works...

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Ten recorded modules + bonus masterclasses, checklists, action steps, 100+ recipes and resources are stored in your classroom to get you started right away using food for better behavior, development, mood & learning.

Binge the core content in just a few hours or take it week by week. Add the bonus material as time permits to deepen your understanding. 

Access via desktop or mobile app. 

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In your Kickstarter Strategy Mapping session (KSM) with Jess you'll customize your initial food and supplement plan, make certain your child's unique needs are addressed and get focused in on the material most relevant to you.

We'll get clear on your vision, review what tests you have, decide what more tests might help, find initial steps and decide how to move forward most efficiently.


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Replace irritating foods with nourishing alternatives, clean up the environment and strategically reduce overall stress load.

Incorporate foods and supplements that promote a healthy gut microbiome and find the roots of their picky eating (if that's an issue)

You'll finally know for sure that they're getting the nourishment they need.

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If lab tests are used to assess biochemistry, gut health and more, we add private Results & Recommendations sessions and periodic Protocol Review sessions throughout our 20 weeks together.

In very complex cases we might bring in one of our medical partners for support.

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Join Jess's group OFFICE HOURS each week via video conference to get your burning questions answered, take action to implement what you're learning and keep moving forward, towards your goals.

Weekly progress reports and monthly protocol reviews are included in some tiers.

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Access our Private Facebook Group  to connect with parents just like you and access Jess; we troubleshoot, gain clarity, vent, celebrate, share ideas... so you never feel alone and have a place to go when you feel challenged. 

Continue on in our Resilience For Life  Alumni program for as long as you need support working towards your goals.

We Start A Limited Number Of Families Each Month.

Ready to grab a spot?


"I'm so glad I found you!"

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What's In The 10 Core Modules:

Our recorded modules contain intentionally short lessons, action steps, handouts, transcripts and recipes to support your learning. You'll get immediate access. 

Module 1 -Welcome: Setting goals and having commitment conversations

Module 2 - Orientation: The Raising Resilience system and setting yourself up for success

Module 3 - Nourishing Kids: How to make sure your kids are getting the nutrients they need for growth and development, how to nourish them more deeply, expand their palate, get them involved and talk to them about food, and how to develop a culture of nourishment in your home

Module 4 - Using Supplements: How to know when you might need them, foundational supplements for growing kid, and how to assess quality

Module 5 - Irritation & Gluten: Why foods can be a source of stress in the body, with a specific focus on gluten. How to assess whether gluten needs to go and how to do a gluten-free diet safely with kids and in a way that still meets their nutritional needs

Module 6 - Chemicals & Detox: Why chemicals cause stress, how to assess chemical load and reduce chemical exposure, and how to help your child detoxify

Module 7 - Managing Sugar: How sugar causes stress, how to break sugar addiction and reduce its negative impact on a child's body, and how to use alternative sweeteners. Includes a deep-dive on blood sugar stability 

Module 8 - All About Dairy: How to know if dairy is a problem for your child and how to remove it if you need to in a safe, nourishing way. Includes a strategic re-introduction guide for when the time is right

Module 9 - Digestive Health & The Gut-Brain Connection: Why digestion impacts everything and how  to support the system from tip to tail for a healthy gut-brain connection

Module 10 - Moving Forward: Self-assessment so you know where to focus, how to stay motivated, what to do when you feel frustrated, and how to continue to systematically support The Pillars Of Resilient Health so your child grows healthy and strong


How Private Sessions Work:

There are three ways to follow our Roadmap. All tiers include access to our weekly group office hour calls and our Facebook group. Our top two tiers also include private sessions.

  1. In our group tier, there are no private sessions included. You still get tons of support but it's done as a group. We can add on a private Strategy session if you'd like.
  2. Our most popular Accelerated tier includes 3-4 private sessions over 5 months alongside the group support. We use the private sessions to review labs and customize your blueprint.
  3. Our Elite tier includes 6-8 private sessions over 5 months alongside the group support

We'll decide in our application call which is right for you


We've Also Added...  

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We want you to understand your kids so you can get strategic and practical! Listen to these expert interviews and read the summary handouts at your leisure. ($1500 value)

So Far In The Vault... 

Masterclass 1: Learning Disabilities, Re-defined.... missed factors that contribute to struggles in school with Lorraine Driscoll, educational therapist

Masterclass 2: The Biology Of Trauma... the nutritional missing links for prevention and treatment of trauma with Dr Aimie Apigian MD

Masterclass 3: Functional Testing... what's worth it and what's misleading? with Dr Kristina Bosnar DC, CFMP

Masterclass 4: Genetic Testing... the impact of single nucleotide polymorphism (aka SNPs or genetic variants) on behavior, learning and mood, along with testing options and  nutritional workarounds with Dr Erika Gray PharmD

Masterclass 5: PANS, PANDAS, lyme & more... the impact of infection on mood and behavior... with Dr Zendi Moldenhaur,  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PhD, NPP, PNP

Masterclass 6: Somatic Experiencing... how to quickly find calm when faced with stress with Dr Aimie Apigian MD

Masterclass 7: Setting Your Kids Up For School Success (particularly if they struggle with executive function, organization, memory and attention and whether they're schooling traditionally or at home) with educational therapist Lorraine Driscoll

Masterclass 8: Drainage and Detox... how to lower your child's stress load by using safe and effective supplements that support the body's natural detoxification pathways with Dr Jesse Pierce ND

Masterclass 9: Essential Oils For Mood & Health... how to use essential oils to regulate the nervous system and promote better sleep, bowel health, detox and stress response with Jodi Cohen, CEO of Vibrant Blue Oils

Masterclass 10: Brain & Sensory integration with rhythmic movement... how simple movements can support your child's mood, behaving and learning by integrating body and brain with Sonia Story, CEO of MovePlayThrive

Masterclass 11: Practical Tips For Living Toxin Free With Kids with Tonya Harris, Author of Slightly Greener

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Full Access To The Following 6 Mini Courses:

These are tributaries off the main flow if you need them ($500 value)

Getting Your Child To Sleep: Factors affecting restorative sleep and nutrients to help your child get to sleep faster and sleep more deeply.

All About Allergies: How to find food sensitivities and  plans for doing a variety of  elimination diets safely

Better Bellies: Natural strategies for constipation and diarrhea relief including how to wean off laxatives

Parent's Guide To Picky Eaters: The most common root contributors and a do-this-not-that guide to get your child to eat more without battles

Nutrition For The Brain:  Targetted nutrients for ADHD, focus, learning, aggression, anxiety and a step-by-step guide for how to use amino acids

Safe Paleo For Kids: A specific plan to make sure you're not missing nutrients if you need to go Paleo (and how to decide if you do!)

Fermented Foods 101:  How to make simple fermented foods for your kids they'll actually eat!


We've designed this Roadmap to save you time & energy and catapult your child's health forward.


Overheard in our coaching calls...

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You Can Learn To...

Incorporate new foods into even the pickiest child's diet,

Only take out exactly what you need to, if you need to, and in a way that doesn't create deficiency or fear;

Use supplements when needed to support focus and hormones;

Establish a strong digestive system because we know now, without a doubt, what goes on in the gut affects what goes on in the brain;

Break sugar addictions and get more fat, fibre and protein into your kids so they don’t feel so terrible at the end of the day when they don’t finish their lunch;

Get your kids pooping every morning without needing laxatives, improve the quantity and quality of sleep and calm the racing mind;

End the dinner battles so the family can come together around food and everyone can feel more calm.

Help your child overcome early trauma by giving them the biological resources they need to heal

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Sounds Cool, But I Still Have Questions

What Parents Have To Say About The Resilience Roadmap Community...

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I am so grateful for the community Jess provided. Having these  resouces keeps me tapped into what is fundamental and most important, and that is so key to reducing my own anxiety overall.


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The Resilience Roadmap has been a very helpful resource! The material is easy to access and intuitive, the strategies and material is helpful. The coaching sessions were so personalized for an online course!


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Jess has been a wonderful help and support this year. I feel so lucky we found her! I never really liked to cook, but now that I know the "why it's so important" piece, I have become very commited to nourishment!

- Danielle

The Resilience Roadmap Is A Food Fit For You If...

You know there is a good kid in there but need a toolbox of strategies to help them sleep better, focus better, communicate better, learn better, poop better and have more stable moods and behaviors so they can shine.

You want to enjoy your kids more, feel more confident in your parenting, and want to do everything you can without medication, and in a way that feels good.

You want to finally know, for sure, how to meet their nutritional needs in simple ways without battles and without having to wade through confusing information by yourself.

You want accountability to make the changes you've always wanted to make but haven't felt able to  because life just keeps getting in the way.


It's NOT the right time for The Resilience Roadmap If...

You are in crisis and have zero time, money, energy and bandwidth to invest into shifting your child's health and behavior right now. 

You are not ready to look deep and make some changes that could feel tough.

You think that by purchasing a program you are guaranteed to reach your health goals.

You are about to go through a serious life event and don’t feel like you will be able to dedicate time to this project over the next 3 months

You're not able to invest in good food and quality supplements right now 

More From Our Families...

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You Can Do This... my guarantee

We break this process down into a series of specific action-steps I have seen bring about some amazing turn-arounds in kids.

Breaking it down into action steps keeps this manageable.



The Resilience Roadmap Will Teach You To Nourish Your Child & Relieve Hidden Stressors So They Get Healthier & Feel Better, Without Reliance On Medication

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Frequently Asked Qs

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